Q: What would be your response to physicians in your organization who expressed their dissatisfaction with CDS and asked for modifications?

A: If physicians from my organization express dissatisfaction with our CDS, I would act as swiftly as possible to determine the root cause of the issue. I would like to understand what part of the CDS they are having issues about. Is it with excessive alerts? Slow response time? If it is possible, I would like to see for myself what exactly is the physician experiencing, so I can either spend a couple of hours observing what he/she is doing with permission of course. In my current workplace we usually do system workflow observation through remote access so as not to interfere too much with the physician’s routine.

Q: How could you work with your IT vendors to improve your existing systems?

A: Depending on the amount of medication requests, I may have to organize a meeting with my team and vendor representative in order to come up with an efficient plan as soon as possible. This may require brainstorming ideas that can make the system flow more efficiently and to the physicians liking, without jeopardizing the system`s own functionality.

Q: What other ideas can be generated and implemented to facilitate the use of clinical decision support?

A: As clinical decision support becomes an integrated part of clinical medicine, physicians will need to learn how to modify their workflows so clinical decision support moves from being an annoyance that disrupts it to an instrumental tool that helps them deliver better care. With that being said, physicians, IT vendors and IT support staff will have to work together in order to continuously improve CDS system, and minimize the occurrence of an alert fatigue.

2)Shorter Pullen

To gain greater understanding of a client’s business and industry there are several resources one can look to. Those include reading industry trade publications, the corporate charter and bylaws, minutes of director and shareholder meetings. You could also review financial statements and confer with management as well as touring the company’s plants and offices. Taking the time to gain an understanding of the industry is an important step in beginning an audit as it sets a frame of reference in which the auditor plans and executes the audit. This helps to set expectations as well as identify areas where special consideration might be necessary when evaluating unusual transactions or considering the validity of certain transactions within a business.

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