For this paper, you will need to choose ONE specific problem/issue related to women and crime that you would like to help solve, address, or fix.

Then, you will write a short paper (minimum 4 pages) that explores the problem and potential solutions.  These policies and practices can include laws, changes in process/policies in organizations, training, services offered, organizations that provide direct support, or any other specific effort to address the issue.   You should avoid overly broad or generic solutions like “raise awareness” unless you are able to find specific examples of how this solution has been effective. 


You will need AT LEAST THREE outside sources for this paper.  

  • One of them MUST BE a scholarly peer-reviewed journal article (published after 2000).  The article can be used to help you describe/explain the problem OR be about a specific policy/practice solution

  • The other two sources can be journal articles, reports/ publications from a research/advocacy/policy organization, or in-depth news articles/videos (published after 2000).  

Your paper should include the following elements:

  1. A brief overview of the problem or issue and why we should try to address it (including the extent of the issue in the U.S. with at least one statistic)

  2. An explanation for how or why this problem occurs

  3. A discussion of a specific policy or practice that can be used to address the problem (this section should make up the biggest part of your paper).

    1. This should include specifics of what the policy or practice does and how it helps to address the problem(or how it fixes gaps/limitations of current solutions)

    2. Who the solution targets including- which parts of the CJ system or other agencies/organizations are involved and which women the solution aims to help the most (use an intersectional perspective- race, class, etc.)

    3. Evidence of how effective has been in addressing the problem in places it has been implemented (this can include international contexts)

    4. The limitations of the policy or practice (i.e what are the challenges to implementing, what parts of the problem still exist, which groups do not have access or benefit as easily from this solution)

  4. A brief conclusion summarizing the main ideas/concepts covered in your paper about the problem and solutions.

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