Often times, we provide educations to athletes and by the time they walk out the door they are so overwhelmed with information that they forget most of everything that we talked about. It is great when your athletes can leave your educations with something tangible that they can look at and use for reference when needed. 

Stella is an athlete who is very dedicated at her sport. Stella however has not given much thought to her daily intake of carbohydrates. Stella is doing a cardio intense weight training program nearly every morning for an hour and then runs at minimum 2 hours a day. 

I would like for you to make a 2-page visually appealing education handout for Stella that provides information related to carbohydrate intake that could prove beneficial to Stella for her athletic performance (as well as overall health). 

Be sure to check spelling, grammar and punctuation…make sure there are no hyphenated words at the end of any line.   You are welcome to use whatever format that you would like to use to make this handout. 

 Stella is 5’7" and is 122 lbs.  Her energy expenditure would be around 1,830 calories. 

The information in the handout should include the following:


  • Why are carbohydrates important?
  • What do carbohydrates do for performance?
  • What happens under poor nutrition (lack of carbohydrate) intake?
  • Examples of carbohydrate selections for pre-event, during (remember she is a cross country runner), and post-event…for post event remember the “4-hour” recommendation (do your best to use different examples than what is provided on slide presentation).
  • Example of a two-day meal pattern for Stella (all meals, all snacks) that provide enough carbohydrate for her intake requirements…(you don’t have to put specific protein or fat choices on this menu…unless you want to do so…right now I am just interested in knowing that you can give her optimal choices for carbohydrate intake).
  • Include a recipe that you think would supply Stella with needed carbohydrate at a meal or snack.


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