How to design an IT-related project

Assignment Content The goal in this class is to design an IT-related project and deliver the final design of your project on Week 8. We design each portion of your project each week, starting in Week 1. Complete the following for your Week 1 Assignment: Decide on an IT-related project that you like to work […]

Business Law Strayer resolution

Needs help with LEG100: Business Law Strayer Week 2 law & dispute resolution & week 3 Tort Law, (two discussions and two quizzes). Student has agreed that all tutoring, explanations, and answers provided by the tutor will be used to help in the learning process and in accordance with Studypool’s honor code & terms of service. 1 min […]

Ethnographic research plan

Teacher requirements: •Individual methods which are available within an ethnographic study include: participant observation, interviews and surveys. All of these ethnographic methods can be very valuable in gaining a deeper understanding of a design problem. Usability practitioners often make use of these in order to develop their understanding of the relevant domain, audience(s), processes, goals […]

Communications multi-part question

I’m working on a Communications multi-part question and need a sample draft to help me study. Question 1: What is your product or service? Decide on a product or service to pitch and explain it to me. This class is about presentations, not entrepreneurship, so you may decide to present a product or service that you […]

Summary of hazard environment

Question Description I’m trying to learn for my Geography class and I’m stuck. Can you help?   The assignment is to be completed in three steps as follows: 1. Summary of hazard environment (~200 words): Step one requires you to compile an assessment of the natural hazard environment of British Columbia, focusing on the part […]

Compare traditional recruitment method and new emerging hiring trends

Question Description I’m studying for my Business class and need an explanation. Organizations should focus on using new emerging hiring trends such as social networking websites to attract talents. Social networking websites are also facilitating communication and real-time information exchange for attracting talents. Extend your analysis to think how SNS would facilitate this different compared […]

Critical thinking skills to analyze research quality

Below are the instructions and I attached the paper done in previous class so need to rewrite according to the instruction below– Your final paper is the culmination of the work that you started in BAS 490. The body of your paper will include a literature review, in which you display your critical thinking skills […]

A case study of psychology in the family of Origin

Topic: A case study of psychology in the family of Origin (The title and introduction are in the attached file) Requirements: Annotated Bibliography This section must annotate 5 relevant scholarly sources. For each source include: The full source reference in Harvard (not in word count) A brief summary of the source (aims, methods, findings) A […]

Drug Decriminalization in Portugal

ESSAY #3: WRITING AN ARGUMENT FOR DECRIMINALIZING ALL DRUGS IN THE U.S. (THIS ESSAY IS DUE THURSDAY, 10/29, BY 11:59 PM; YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO UPLOAD YOUR ESSAY ONTO CANVAS.) For this essay, you will be formulating and defending your own argument. Instead of coming up with your own topic, you will have to […]

 Skeletal and Smooth Muscle Physiology

This is a take home Exam take home exam that my professor created for us, On October 27th, she will create a page in the Exam #3 module where I can download a copy of this exam and send it to you when it is ready. It will need to be done by October 29 so that I […]