Last updated November 10, 2020 always seeks to deliver the best quality to our Customers’ complete satisfaction, as we have an experienced team of professional writers and attentive support agents. However, some changes may be still needed to deliver the paper that meets all Customer’s expectations. Therefore, we have created this Revision Policy to guide our Customers how to easily submit a Revision if any changes are needed.

Policy in short:

You can always send the delivered paper for as many free Revisions as you wish during 14 days after the paper delivery if you are not satisfied with any point of Writer’s view as long as your Revision instructions do not contradict the initial ones.

Please note that Revision Deadline cannot be less than 24 hours.* Therefore, we highly suggest our Customers place an Order with a shorter Deadline to have some additional timeframe to check the delivered file and revise it if some changes are needed.

How can I send the Order for a free Revision?

You can request a free Revision by clicking “Send for a Free Revision” button on your Order page if this option is available. You can do so during the Revision Period which lasts 14 days after the date set as the Order final Deadline.

You can also send the work for revision by email or via live chat.

What should I indicate to send the work for a Revision?

To place a free Revision you will be asked to indicate your Revision Deadline and Revision instructions based on the original instructions. Please note that Revision Deadline cannot be less than 24 hours.

Revision instructions are any kind of feedback that gives clear directions on what changes have to be made in the paper; such instructions can include any comments, suggestions, questions, etc.

You are also more than welcome to attach any file regarding the Revision. For instance, such a file can be the completed paper by the Writer with your comments in it.

Once your Revision instructions are reviewed by our Team and approved, the Writer will start revising the paper.

Can I send the paper for a Revision if more than 14 days passed from the Deadline?

In case a Revision is not requested during the Revision Period (14 days after the final deadline), we consider the Customer is satisfied with the paper and no changes can be made in the paper for free in the future. If any complaints arise after the Revision Period, you will be asked to place a new Order or proceed with an additional payment to compensate the Writer’s work.

Special cases:

In case our Team and/or Writer find initial instructions changes (including wrong initial instructions placed by the Customer by mistake), and/or some part of the paper is requested to be extended or written from scratch, you will be advised to proceed with additional payment to cover additional writing. As a rule, we will ask the Writer to estimate the scope of work to be written from scratch to create an additional bill for you. Once you proceed with the payment, the paper will be revised accordingly.

In case you are not satisfied with the Writer’s attitude, you can request to reassign the Order. Our representatives will ask you about the reason of reassignment and prove its necessity and will make a decision if it is possible to reassign the Order for free. Please note that some Deadline extension may be requested to complete the paper by the new Writer according to the scope of work and the remaining Deadline.

In case Customer places a number of unreasonable Revision requests, and/or his or her behavior demonstrates obvious exploitation of the Writer, our representatives have a right to decline future Revision requests.

In case the Customer has unresolved Dispute, he or she has no right to send the particular paper for a free Revision.

Please note that the responsibility of non-meeting of initial instructions lies on the Customer if any essential information regarding the successful completion of the assignment was provided to the Writer too late to make necessary changes before the Deadline passes or after the final file delivery. In this case, you might be asked to extend the Deadline and/or proceed with an additional payment.

In case the Customer provides us with the proof of high plagiarism level (Turnitin valid plagiarism report) the paper can be revised for free during revision period, or another writer may be assigned on the customer’s request. Our top priority is to provide the best quality service to our Customers, so we always resolve any issues the fastest way possible.

* The minimum Deadline we provide for a free Revision is 24 hours in case the Order Deadline has expired or less than 24 hours are left before the expiry. In case your paper was delivered earlier and the Order Deadline has not passed yet (more than 24 hours are remaining before the Deadline expiry), the Revision Deadline is automatically set the same as the Order Deadline.