– Military training canceled due to COVID-19.

cancelation of military training affected me and cost me great hardship  

Appeal for Unemployment Benefits

            I amappealing for the denial of the unemployment benefits based on the extremesituations that led to the disruption of workplace operations. Arguably,the pandemic had transformative implications personally with external factorsredefining the parameters of operation. Working for 105 days and the 35-dayrotation were facets of concern that shaped the need for employee benefitsthat are in line with my rights. Hence, I believe that it is intolerable for theemployer not to consider the impact of the pandemic in the performance ofresponsibility. Reviewing the Canopy Inc case, the analysis of the workenvironment as hostile should be the definitive argument. Most importantly, Iworked at a period whereby the pandemic was a facet of concern that led to anunwelcoming setting. Further, the alteration of the conditions of employmentwas crucial to examine.

            Therefore,I am aware that I should show that due to the government policy changes, thedenial of benefits is a basis that imposes potential liability for theharassment on the employees. I am requesting for my benefits in the workexecuted from 1st July 2020 to August 20th, 2020.Accordingly, I am within the policy requirements since I had worked as per thepolicy requirements on the workdays. Most importantly, I had to endure significantchallenges from the 7 months of work sit days to the continued hurdles broughtforth by the pandemic. Within the case, the alleged harassment and infringementon employee rights should be shown as pervasive and severe from a personalperspective. Consequently, the totality of the immediate circumstances broughtabout the pandemic should influence the decision-making. Therefore,consideration of the frequency and the severity of the discriminatory conductshould shape the argumentative process. At the center of the counter-argumentswould be the consideration of the stipulations surrounding military trainingand compensation. The pandemic led to the interference of the employment policiesthat demand the examination of the benefits that I should accrue.Consequently, the Canopy Inc case is a revelation of the need for employers notto unreasonably interfere with the benefits inherent to their personnel. Usingthe case as the foundation for the argument, I can show that the pandemicinterfered with my conduct and the employer has not considered that I had metthe operational parameters that require benefits.

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