I’m a student from George washington university who is facing a suspenssion for a poor academic standing.

I almost lost my Dad due to Covid and it affected me on all plans. My Dad is the one who finance my school and everything. He owns his company in Ivory Coast and this year when he caught covid it was so severe that they had to transfer him to a Tunisian Hospital and get treated. He had respiration problems and couldn’t even walk. I couldn’t talk to him on the phone and had to get news of he was doing through my Uncle who was with him.
I need a strong letter to convince the comittee of my school that i can do better next semester.
This letter is the only way i can get another chance to study in this school. This school is my dream please help me. 
My background is that before transfering to GWU i was going to a community school called Montgomery College and always had my GPA above 3.0 and never had grades below C.
This letter should contain: 
  • Explanation of the extenuating circumstances with supporting evidence .
  • Summary of action items that will help to address your academic concerns in the future.
  • List of courses with a projected calculation of your term and cumulative GPA needed to be in good standing at the end of the following semester.
Here is the list of class i will take next semester: 
– Data Analysis Engrs/Scientists (EMSE 4765)
– Ethics: Business & Professions (PHIL 2135)
– Intro Programming for Analytic (EMSE 4571)
– Reqs Analysis and Elicitation (EMSE 3815)
– Fitness, Technology, & Society (LSPA 2001)

I plan on getting A- in PHIL 2135, B in EMSE 3815, B in EMSE 4765, B in EMSE 4571 and A- in LSPA 2001.

This grades will average to 3.24 for the SPRING 2022 which will bring back my overall GPA to over 2.0 

I will be more productive and im sure i will do better this semester and i’m ready for it. 

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