Analytical Essay Focused On Chernobyl

“This assignment is an analytical essay that mainly focuses on Chernobyl, one that will ask you to select a theme on your own, develop a question guiding your analysis, and finally, to provide an argumentative answer to that question–an answer that a reasonable person informed about the topic might either agree or disagree with.” THE […]

History Essay on Immigrants

Please answer the question that appears below.  In developing your essays, be sure to draw upon and cite the course readings (as appropriate) and lectures and use specific historical evidence and examples to back up your discussion and argument.  Students may find it useful to review the founding documents of the United States (in particular, the […]

the great war

1.After reading  The Outbreak of World War I, rank the Great Powers of Europe according to the amount of responsibility you would assess to each one for the start of the war. Make a reasoned argument buttressed by evidence from the readings to support you answer. 2. After reading Keegan, What do you think are the three […]

Writing Project #1

In the essay I had turned in my professor said “There are many instances in this paper of using direct text from other sources that are not properly quoted or paraphrased/cited. There are a lot of grammatical errors, it’s too long, and there are a lot of issues that aren’t mentioned later.” So have to rewrite […]


Pick a theme: Themes of Art: Spiritual Belief; The Cycle of Life;Love and Sex (Desire); The Body, Gender and Identity; The Individual and CulturalIdentity; Power or Science, Technology and the Environment 2) introduction (with thesis in bold)3) body of the paper (with images)4) conclusion (restate thesis)5) annotated bibliography What Students Are Saying About Us ………. Customer […]

Photography and Social Media in Contemporary Travel

Write a six-page, double-spaced, twelve-point font research paper in response to one of the prompts below. Outline, images (if used), and list of sources must be attached and are not counted in the six pages. Begin researching your topic: use class discussion notes and consult at least five sources in addition to the ones we […]

Lewis & Clark Expedition Analysis

The goal of the compare and contrast assignment is to demonstrate that you understand the material, can do further research on the topic, form an opinion, and defend that opinion well. In this assignment, you will choose a side on the Lewis and Clark Expedition and structure an argument. You must choose whether or not […]

Venezuela policing

The format for this paper is, The paper should be writing in a Chicago Format (example on BB) 12 font Times New Roman, double-spaced, and have a length of 6-8 pages (not including bibliography and cover page). The topic may address any aspect of Latin American history, including its people, religion, politics, events, and cultures. You are to […]

History (2 questions)

1.     What was life like for women and minorities after World War II? Describe some of the key leaders and events of the civil rights movement. Detail the types of opposition the civil rights supporters met. How did the role of women in society begin to change? Describe some of the new laws that were passed […]

World War II

In a sense, the United States waged two quite separate wars between 1941 and 1945.  One took place in Europe, the other in Japan.  The focus of this question is on the latter theater.  In what way was the Pacific Theater a race war in a way that it was not in the Western Europeantheater? […]