Your assignment is to focus on a solution, find your way into this climate crisis that brings you to a place of agency. This paper will consist of six parts, each part will have a specific purpose, a specific word count. Some parts will be turned in separately and then the whole thing will be turned in as your final project. I will give points to each part and a grade to the whole thing. I will create a separate assignment post for the first three pieces: Proposal, Context, and Strategy. These three will be due in a staggered way and receive feedback so you can improve on your final draft which is graded. All 6 areas will be combined into one powerful document that flows seamlessly and submitted by the end of the term.

Proposal 250-350 words You will submit a proposal to me that has three parts: 1) what you want to research and 2) your personal why–why you are personally interested in this topic; and 3) the global why– why your topic, your focus is significant in responding to climate change and climate justice.

Context 750-1000 words–Describe the particular problem or aspect of the bigger problem which you are focusing on. Describe what is going on in terms of threats, politics, power, money, psychology, etc. 

Strategy (1500-2000 words)–detailed description of what solution, actions, mitigation and/or adaptation, you are recommending; be specific: talk about the how and why of your strategy: how it will work and why it is a relevant response. Be very technical and provide examples of what is being done in relation to your solution. Keep your community in mind.   

Anticipated Challenges (500-750 words) Describe what specifically related to your solution/strategy will most likely get in your way or impede progress or cause you or your action not to take hold. How will you surmount these challenges or flip them and make them work for you. 

Expected Impact (750-1000 words) This section should be VERY specific. Similar to Project Drawdown, try to articulate the carbon impact and/or the social impact and/or the political impact of your strategy, the upfront costs vs. the long term savings, the human/species health impact, how business as usual will change,  

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