General Instructions Label your file: First Name_Last Name_02_HW #2_My Writing Life Add your name to the heading (upper left corner). Delete the instructions and the prompt before submitting your essay. Your assignment should begin with the title of your essay.Assignment and Formatting Instructions Title: Create an original title for your essay, one that reflects the content of your writing. Title formatting: o Follow the convention for capitalization in titles. o Title font: 12-pt Times New Roman, Boldo Title formatting: center text Body font: 12-pt Times New Roman Paragraph formatting: align left Paragraph indentation: 0.4” – 0.5”. Indent the first lines of all paragraphs, except for the very first paragraph. (Note that the first paragraph of papers and other similar documents are never indented.) Margins: 1” Spacing: 1.5 Length: 1000 words (minimum), approximately 2 ½ pagesPromptTell me about who you are as a writer and give me accounts of three or four different events in your writing life that you think support and make clear your self-description. Your purpose is to help me get to know you as a writer, and to help me understand the kinds of things you would like to work on this quarter.ExplanationThis assignment asks you to introduce yourself as a writer. Tell me about your strengths, about things you don’t feel you are good at, about when you have been successful and when you have not, and why. This is something you know a lot about—even if you haven’t reflected much on it—but about which I know nothing. Yet as your instructor, it will help me greatly to know as this course begins about your strengths and needs as a writer, about the kinds of writing you’ve done, and, especially, what problems you have encountered.

Pre-writingIn thinking about what to write, you might reflect on the following questions: Would you say you are a good writer? What have you written in your life? Has all your writing been for school? Is writing part of your social life? Have you ever really wanted to write something? What? When? How? With what results? Do you like writing? Do you hate it? Fear it? Are you indifferent to it? Are you comfortable as a writer? Confident? Why, or why not?

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