After reading Novel Dogeaters by jessica hagedorn
Write a 650-1000 word paper using standard essay structure (including an introduction with a thesis, body paragraphs, and conclusion) that answers the prompt below.  Remember you can consult Posts and Writing Requirements for info about essay structure and MLA rules etc.
Be careful not to spend precious space in your paper summarizing Dogeaters; we all read the same novel! Make specific points and use quotation and paraphrase from the texts to develop those points; be specific, not general, and analyze thoroughly.
Write your paper using MLA rules for formatting (that includes how the paper looks, all titles, conventions, and citation). 
Also, please remember this paper must be solely your own work. You can use the novel, quote the lecture or course materials, and your own ideas and analysis. Anything else is not permitted. It is also not permitted to work on this paper with a tutor or any other person- it must be solely your own work.
The Essay Prompts   
Choose only ONE to respond to in your essay.
Only answer that one prompt! Make a strong thesis and develop from there.  Be careful to focus each body paragraph on an idea that helps expand your thesis (dont just follow the order of the novel discuss the thesis concept from several angles!)  Make sure your knowledge of the module, the lectures, and the film comes through! (Be careful not to write this paper as if you havent learned and thought about all these new things!) Cite from the novel usefully to help develop your paper. Remember to format your citation using the MLA rules and to fully discuss the quotes that you use.
Prompt One
Who are the top dogs and who are the under dogs in the novel Dogeaters? How does that relate to the title of the book and to the killing of Taruk?
Prompt Two
In Dogeaters, Hagedorn presents the culture of the Philippines as hybrid and complex. Discuss the Spanish and American influences you see in the novel and how they particularly affect a character that you are interested in. How do they impact that character?
Prompt Three
How does gender and sexuality affect the fates of the characters in the novel Dogeaters? Consider the intertwining of romance and exploitation that Hagedorn explores throughout. To take this topic even further: consider the impact colonial or global influences have had on the ideas of gender and sexuality as shown in the novel.
Prompt Four
Pop culture (movies, radio serials etc.) are very important to characters of all backgrounds and classes in the novel Dogeaters. Discuss how pop culture is used in the novel and what Hagedorn is showing us about Filipino culture through this.

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