Globalization and Development: Progress, Contradiction, Paradox, and/or   ________________  .

                                                                                                                                (you fill in the blank)


The film The Story of Stuff provides a basic introduction to some of the problems associated with materialism, consumerism, and the linear economy.


The film Ancient Futures: Learning from Ladakh provides a glimpse of a traditional Himalayan culture, and portrays some of the effects of modern social, political, and economic development on that culture.


The film The Economics of Happiness provides a somewhat more detailed depiction of the challenges and opportunities associated with modern social, political, and economic globalization.


And the short film The Story of Solutions provides a snapshot of what it might mean to reorient individual and social practices toward sustainability and human flourishing.


Your task:

Write a 500 750 word reflective and critical essay on the ethics of globalization.


Three requirements:

  • Your answer must make at least one explicit reference to each of the four films. 
  • Your answer must include at least one reference to one of the ethical traditions we studied (Aristotle, Kant, Mill, Feminist ethics, Hindu ethics, Buddhist ethics, Confucian ethics, and African Ethics).
  • Your answer must describe your own developing views and understanding globalization and some of the ethical issues associated with it.
  • NOTE: If you disagree with some aspect of and/or the general perspective of any or all of the films, do not hesitate to say so. Just be sure to provide some relevant reasons for your disagreement. That is a central task of ethics: to provide relevant reasons in support of ones ethical views.


Some food for thought:


If you need some help getting going on this question, you may use one or more of the following questions to inform and guide your thinking. You DO NOT have to use these questions, but you may if you like:


  • What do you like about living in the so-called developed world?
  • What dont you like about living in the so-called developed world?
  • What appeals to you about life in the so-called developing world (e.g., traditional Ladakh)?
  • What do you find unappealing about life in the so-called developing world (e.g., traditional Ladakh)?
  • What do globalization and development mean to you after having seen the films, especially Ancient Futures and The Economics of Happiness?
  • What questions do you have about globalization and development after seeing The Story of Stuff, Ancient Futures, and The Economics of Happiness?
  • What to you think of the relationship between the social, political, and economic aspects of globalization and the ecological and environmental aspects?
  • What do you think about the fact of globalization (cultural, political, economic, etc.)
  • What do you think about the value of globalization (e.g., one world, global community, etc.). Is globalization good? Bad? Both? Something else?
  • What might you change about the world if you could? And how would you do it?




The first weeks question revisited: What is ethics?

Write a brief reflective answer (150 250 words) to this most basic question about ethics. Youve read the course materials, listened to the lectures, written the papers, watched the films, and made it all the way to the end of the semester. Imagine telling someone you took this course and they asked, So, what is ethics? How do you answer this question now that youve taken this course? 

Here is the lecture for the first day class:



What I had wrote: (You don’t have to use; it’s up to you)

One possible ethical implication of my thought is working onehour and billing the company for three hours of work.

              I allowed myself to think that this was acceptable because I have experience ofdoing my profession, and I have become efficient, and my pace has increased.So, I have completed three hours of work within an hour.

Some possible moral issues raised from above are:

1. My action is unethical for billing the company extra hours.

2. My behavior is morally inappropriate, such as beingdishonest.

3. Consequence for my action can result in:

                                                              i) company losing capital.

                                                              ii) being fire.

                                                              iii) affecting my career.

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