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On January 5 social worker received a phone call from the caregiver who was very upset because they had received a call from Mr. Carver Hogans sister stating that he had created a blaze of glory list, which was a kill list of people he was going to take out on this list various individuals were mentioned including the social worker casa the mother of the caregiver And some of Mr. Carver Hogans family members and Miss Bradleys family members. The department then received a direct call from the informant, Mr. Carver Hogan’s sister, and she explained in detail that she was in a vehicle when the blaze of glory list was mentioned, and there was an argument between Miss. Bradley and Mr. Carver Hoggan about her brother being placed on the list, the current caregiver of their children William Carver Hogan Junior age five and Nasser Heng age 8.
The sister to the father notified the social worker that she was on her way to placing a restraining order on Mr. Carver Hoggan. She also provided a police report number because she tried to get Mr. Hoggan to move out of her basement. She stated that she was trying to help her brother out because they needed a place to stay, but since he has been there, he has physically assaulted her And physically assaulted Miss. A video was sent to the social worker showing DV’s heated argument and conversation in front of very young children. One of which verified that Mr. Carver Hogan threatened to hit his sister in front of her children. The informant at this time provided the social worker with the police report number and videos, and pictures relating to the DV. The informant later called the department to inform that she was at the courthouse but was afraid to go in because Mr. Carver Hoggan and Miss Bradley were already there. Both caregiver and informant filed a police report, and both are seeking to have a restraining order put in place.
Later that afternoon, Mr. Carver Hogans mother, Tammy Carver, called the social worker and advocated for her son, stating that her daughter was the one who physically abused him and was trying to get him and Miss Bradley kicked out of her basement. She was concerned that Mr. Carver Hogan was being set up and was currently trying to repair her relationship with him. She also stated that her daughter was physically assaulting Mr. Carver Hogan.
Mr. Carver Hoggan called the social worker to advocate for himself towards the end of the day. He stated that he was the victim. His sister was the one that was hitting on him, and he went to the courthouse to get a restraining order against her and that it was approved. He stated that he was allowed to stay in the basement because he had paid the rent in full. He went on for some time describing how he was the victim of this entire circumstance and that he and Miss. The department was unjustly treating Bradley, and they were still concerned that their voices were not being heard and the department was being biased towards them. After a long talk, Mr. Carber Hogan Started to calm down and stated that he wanted to restart with the department and move forward positively. The department social worker suggested that they meet once a week by zoom To discuss case progress. Mr. Carver Hogan stated that he would be willing to meet with the social worker in public as long as he could record the entire interaction. The social worker did not agree to this, but Mr. Carver Hogan decided to meet on zoom once a week with the social worker. As long as his attorneys were present, the social worker agreed. Mr. Carver Hogan also stated how many services he had completed and that he was fully engaged. Mr. Carver Hogan then started mentioning services he had achieved with agencies that the department did not approve. The social worker informed him that referrals were sent to the appropriate agencies to complete his services. Mr. Carver Hogan then said that every referral that the social worker had sent out had not been sent out and that he was informed by one of the agencies that the social worker was well known for not sending correct referrals. The social worker explained to Mr. Carver Hogan that he did call every agency that he said a referral was not sent to, and they verified that they had received the referral. Mr. Carver Hogan also requested that a referral be sent to Wendy Hartinger for his psych evaluation because he was unhappy with the wait time of northwest psychology. This was requested while the social worker was on vacation with the social worker supervisor. The social worker completed the new psychological evaluation referral and sent it out on January 5 before talking to Mr. Carver Hogan. Mr. Carver Hoggan stated that he was going to choose where he would go, and he was not going to repeat any of the services he had already completed. Mr. Carver Hoggan then tried to get the social worker to state whether or not the social worker believed his side of the story or his sister’s side. The social worker informed Mr. Carver that his responsibility was to analyze safety threats. He had no interest in getting involved in the conflict between Mr. Carver Hogan and his sister. This seems to irritate Mr. Carver Hogan, at which point he stated, see, this is why I do not trust you. After all that was said and done, the conversation ended on a reasonably peaceful note. The social worker did acknowledge to Mr. Carver Hoggan that the reports that visit activities were going well before he went on vacation. Mr. Carver Hoggan was upset that the care caregiver had canceled six visits. Mr. Carver Hogan also stated that he would not allow William Carver Hoggan Junior to have a neurological exam because he does not want his son exposed to radiation. This topic came up after the social question. His constant accusations are that his son has more goose eggs on his head from being assaulted by his older brother and the department is failing to keep his son safe. He stated that the department keeps sweeping everything under the rug. He also noted that the caregivers are forced their children to say things that they do not mean and provided some examples.
Current services were discussed during the phone call, with the social worker verifying that Mr. Carver Hogan and Miss Bradley were engaged with the institute for family development for their parenting class. They have only canceled one class, and reports are that they are participating in the sessions. Mr. Carver Hogan and Miss Bradley have shown up for all their UA, with negative results. The social worker questioned whether or not they had done the nail follicle test, and Mr. Carver Hogan said he did not complete it while the social worker was on vacation. He also stated that the staff member who did the nail test was unavailable. The social worker followed up with a phone call with API on January 6 and was informed that someone was available to do the nail follicle test.
Miss Bradley also stated that they completed a drug and alcohol assessment with a helping professional. The department still does not have a release of information. However, Mr. Carver noted that he did fill one out. The report was sent to the parent’s attorney, and their attorney forwarded it to the departmentalso, Miss. Bradley went to an agency to complete a UA; however, that is not an approved provider with the department. Mr. Carver Hogan stated that he had not started Dv classes, and Ms. Bradley had not started DV victim classes. Mr. Carver Hogan noted that it is ridiculous that he needs to take a class for something that happened years ago and already took a class.
There was a visit scheduled for yesterday, and the social workers canceled it due to the recent safety concerns after staffing with Beth. She wanted me to check in with the AG to see if we could advocate having visits suspended or the hours of the visits reduced because currently, it is court-ordered four visits a week, two hours each three are optional for Nasser, and one is Nasser only. The administration also suggested moving the visits to the annex so the parents could go through a metal detector. The social worker is concerned that this will impact the school hours for the children, which was a significant concern in the beginning. Currently, visits are in the evening between six and 8 oclock. There is also suggested made to separate the parent’s visits Mother would visit on One day of the week, and Father would visit on another day of the week. This suggestion was due to recent reports that Mr. Carver Hogan is still hitting on Miss Bradley, and Miss Bradley does not seem to have any open communication without Mr. Carver Hogan shadowing her. Additional security measures have been put in place at the office. Mr. Carver Hogans picture has been posted at the front desk, and arm security has been implemented. Social workers Vallembois and Casa will be calling the police department today to file a police report. Beth felt that I needed to check in with the AG office to find out the best course of action Of what we should request in court. Also, I would like to see if we can get this addressed on the docket sooner than later.

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