If you were a photographer working in the documentary tradition what contemporary subject would you want to tackle? 


Choose a topic below or propose one of your own. Below is a list of topics that are broad. You must narrow your interests and get specific. I recommend choosing something you care about, and have a personal stake in.

 For all topics GET SPECIFIC

Here is a small list of GENERAL ideas that you then need to make more specific,these are just suggestions to get you started, these are general, move from the general to the specific.

  • Identity: Culture, Gender, Race, LGBTQI
  • Personal history / family history
  • The environment – global warming, overpopulation, drought, water scarcity
  • Globalization
  • Child Labor
  • Immigration / Migration
  • Animal Rights
  • Consumer culture / Consumption
  • A political movement
  • Social Justice Issues
  • A scientific Inquiry
  • Beauty Myths
  • Health & Wellness
  • Addiction
  • Abuse
  • The Economy


Requirements continued:

Please thoughtfully answer all of the questions below.

1.)  What is your topic?


2.) How have you narrowed your topic to make it specific? How did you get from the general to the specific?


3.) How does your specific topic connect with or fit into the dynamics of contemporary society?


4.) Do you feel connected to your chosen subject, and if so in what way? If not, why would you choose to make work about something you are disconnected from?


5.) Why this project? Why is it important?


6.) Who would you photograph, if anyone?


7.) Where would you photograph?


8.) What kinds of photographs would help you to get your point across?


9.) How would you approach making work photographically about your subject? Would you work with a writer or researcher? Would you work collaboratively with your subject? 

10.) How would text or writing play an important part in your project?

(image titles, captions, and journalism)?  


12.) How much time can you imagine spending on this project?


13.) What potential problems could arise?


14.) Would you need special access or permission to make your work?


15.) Can you imagine ways in which your project could be critiqued by others? Are there ethical issues? Do you anticipate getting other’s wrong, rather than right?


16.) What is the ideal context for your subject: a photo book, a magazine, a website, Instagram, a street art campaign, etc.? Be specific, what kind of book, magazine, website, etc.?


17.) What are your ultimate goals for this work? What are you hoping it can communicate

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