CMRJ 512 Police Administration

Your final project must be on one of the following topics:

         – Community Policing (in support of CO4 and CO5)

         – Whether a College Degree Should be Mandatory for Police Recruits  (in support of CO2)

         – A topic focused on a specific aspect of Equity, Diversion, Equality (EDI) as it relates to law enforcement and this course. Keep in mind, EDI is far more than simply a discussion on race.  Potential EDI areas for consideration can in part include issues related to race, ethnicity, gender, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, tribe, casts, socio-economic status, thinking and communication styles, etc. This topic allows a wide variety of potential topics and in turn is in support of all 5 COs). All EDI based topics within this category are pre-approved so long as it relates to law enforcement and this course, but if unsure if your topic can work please post it in the Question Tab of the Forums for instructor approval


The final project will include a minimum of 15-17 pages of content in the body of the paper (you may go longer but not shorter in length). This 15-17 pages does not count, i.e., it excludes the cover page, abstract, table of contents, any and all quotes, images, charts, pictures, and reference section. Hence, the completed paper will be longer than 15 pages, and is expected to range anywhere from 18-21 pages depending on how many quotes, if images are included, # of references, etc.

All quotes, minus those 40 or more words which will be indented and single spaced to clearly show they are quotes, must be encapsulated in quotation marks. Likewise, all papers must be 100% original work to this class. The discovery of past work being used will be treated as cheating, and as is the case for plagiarism, will as a minimum will result in a 0 for the paper.

Papers will be graded based on the below Criminal Justice Formal Written Paper Rubric.

However, the rubric aside, papers that fall short of minimum length will have a max point award related to the % of the paper they actually submit. For example the max possible for a paper that is 50% short of the minimum length will be 50%.

The paper is to be double spaced (do not add extra space beyond double spacing), with 1″ margins all around, Times New Roman, 12 pitch; no other style or pitch is to be used in the paper. Students who opt to utilize larger fonts, or add extra spacing beyond regular double spacing, and or put in margins larger than 1″ all around will as a minimum see an automatic full letter grade deduction.

Each student will be required to complete the term paper in the most recent edition of APA. A running head is not required for this paper

This is to be of high quality, free of spelling and grammatical errors, and of original work. Plagiarism will be dealt with harshly, and at the least will be an automatic 0 on the paper (revisions will not be allowed when plagiarism is discovered and in turn requests to do that should not be askedrequests to revise plagiarized work will not be considered). You are to title your paper by your last name (Montgomery). For example, smith.doc with .doc being the MS Word file extension.

Other formats will not be accepted. The date of your submission is based upon the date you successfully submit your research paper in the correct Word format.

Please be sure that your paper is a Word Document (.doc) uploaded to the assignment section as an attachment.


Students will be required to use at least 5 scholarly – (peer-reviewed)- sources. Students have access to peer-reviewed sources through the APUS library. Note: .com, and .org sources can be used for referenced support, but will not count toward the minimum scholarly source requirement.

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