Journal Reflections 

Explore and express your personal reactions, emotions and thoughts about The topics listed , current events, and your own experience. To see the connections between your lived experience and racism.

  • 1 page single-spaced  
  • discuss what you are thinking about race and racism during a given week. This could be a reflection on a recent incident in the news, a conversation or experience youve had, or the readings listed. 
  • Try to focus on one or two specific points or examples related to race and racism.
  • Briefly discuss and describe, both in terms of content, but also your reaction, intellectually and emotionally. Why are you discussing this example?
  • What does your example tell us about racism?
  • What is one step you (and/or others) can take to dismantle racism in response to your example?
  • Link your thoughts to at least one reading.

Journal 2 – Readings/Articles Before Sept 26


– History Racism then and now 

– Frameworks for Justice

  • On the Backs of Blacks
  • Young, The Five Faces of Oppression, pp. 539-560
  • Women of Color Intersectionality

Journal 3 – Reading/Articles Before Oct.17


– Racism in housing and wealth 

– Racism in Housing and home ownership

– Racism in education 

  • Housing Segregation and Redlining in America (6 min video)
  • The Roots of the Widening Racial Wealth Gap
  • The Color of Law, Chs. 7-12
  • School to Prison Pipeline, Introduction, Chs. 1-4

Journal 4 – Readings/Articles Before Oct. 31


– Racism in Eduacation 

– Racism in policing Laws and Voting 

– Policing and social control

  • *School to Prison Pipeline, Chs. 5-7
  • Civilize Them With a Stick
  • The Late Homecomer, Ch. 8, Before the Babies, pp. 131-151
  • Dear America, pp. 17-34
  • The End of Policing, Chs. 1-5
  • Implicit Bias and police shootings
  • o

Journal 5 & 6 – Readings/Articles Before Dec. 1 Use any article of your choice listed Above or topics related to below


– Voting and Democracy

– Social Movements and change 

– Social change and action

  • The End of Policing, Chs. 6-10
  • Defund the Police debate
  • Girl Gone Missing (excerpt)
  • BLM, Chs. 5-8

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