• 1-Although our nation has been enriched by diversity, the author states that many police procedures and interactions with citizens: *

    •  Tend to be less confrontational due to diversity

    •  Are simplified because of our diverse society

    •  Can be more complex because of diversity

    •  Have not been affected by the diversity in our society

  • 2-Through increased awareness, cultural knowledge, and skills, law enforcement as a profession can increase its cultural competence. Acquiring cultural competence is: *

    •  Quickly achieved with little effort on the part of officers

    •  Not an instantaneous process; it is multilayered and complex

    •  Unnecessary for most officers to perform their duties

    •  A simple process quickly learned by most officers

  • 3-Some officers dislike the multicultural workforce and the involvement of women in policing. Which of the following is a reason for this dislike: *

    •  They may resent diversity because of their own prejudices or biases

    •  They perceive that minorities and women receive advantages when competing for law enforcement positions, either entry-level or promotional

    •  Some officers perceive that affirmative action (where still being used) means the lowering of standards

    •  All of the above

  • 4-According to research conducted both in the United States and internationally, women police officers rely on a style of policing that uses less physical force. Because of this, they: *

    •  Are injured on duty more often than male officers

    •  Respond less effectively to incidents of violence against women

    •  Often possess poor communication skills

    •  Are better at defusing and de-escalating violent confrontations

  • 5-Leading positively and valuing diversity within an agency are the keys to meeting the challenge of multicultural policing. Which of the following statements summarizes what beliefs will be necessary to meet this challenge: *

    •  To build a diverse workforce, recruitment strategies used in the past will be

    •  Affirmative action and consent decrees have been extremely successful in achieving parity in the hiring of women and individuals from ethnically diverse backgrounds

    •  Agency personnel must first address the conflicts in their own organizations before dealing with community racial and ethnic problems

    •  Police department commands must not encourage the use of conflict resolution techniques by officers of all backgrounds as a way of handling issues prior to their becoming flashpoints

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