Instructions/Prompt questions

Hi Marie,
Thanks for your resubmission. I believe that this assignment is important for social workers to be able to complete successfully. You are still missing key parts of the assignment, so at this time your grade will still be the same. I am willing to give you one more chance though if you can have it resubmitted by 11:00 PM tonight. I have included all of the sections that need to be in the treatment plan as well as the grading rubric of what I will be grading the paper on. If you decide to resubmit, please follow the grading rubric and make sure you the requested information in your treatment plan.

Parts of the treatment plan
Case Conceptualization (a brief formulation of the client’s presenting problems): Make sure that the description of problem areas is specific, not vague. Please provide concrete evidence for the problem(s).
Diagnosis (based on multi-systemic, multi-modal assessment)
Client Strengths
Goals (broader statements of new or more functional behavior in the client)
Objectives (concrete behaviors that lead to goals): Make sure you use objectives that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time limited.

Grading Rubric
Presenting problem
Do you provide a thorough and clear description of the presenting problems/ concerns of the client?
Presenting problem
Is the information presented in neutral, non-judgmental language? (all judgments made about the client, good or bad, must be supported by descriptive, factual information)

DSM 5 diagnosis
Do you provide a DSM 5 diagnosis of the client?
DSM 5 diagnosis
Does your diagnosis reflect the information provided on the client’s presenting problem(s) (e.g. symptoms, duration, etc.)?
DSM 5 diagnosis
Do you provide a clear rationale for the diagnosis? Do you demonstrate evidence of emerging competence in assigning a DSM 5 diagnosis?

Strength and growth areas
Do you provide a clear and thorough assessment of the client’s strength and growth areas (attending to all levels of the client system)?

Use of therapeutic approach and rationale for use
Do you provide a clear rationale for the therapeutic approaches you would select to use with this client?
Use of therapeutic approach and rationale for use
Do demonstrate evidence of understanding the therapeutic approaches?
Use of therapeutic approach and rationale for use
Do you incorporate (i.e. apply, use) relevant class readings into your discussion of a particular therapeutic approaches?

Treatment goals and objectives
Do your treatment goals and objectives link clearly to the client description and presenting problem(s)?
Treatment goals and objectives
Are your 3 treatment objectives specific, measurable, action-oriented, realistic, and timely?
Do your interventions (and treatment objectives) reflect use of a therapeutic approach?

Ethical issues
Did you present a thoughtful discussion of personal and professional ethical/ value conflicts that you might experience when working with this individual (with specific reference to the NASW Code of Ethics)?
Ethical issues
Did you provide clear and specific ways you would resolve these conflicts?

Writing and mechanics
Is the assignment presented in a professional manner without typographical errors, good grammar, professional style, and appropriate word usage?
Writing and mechanics
Is the assignment clearly written and logical? Did you pay attention to organization paragraphs around a main idea, appropriately using headings, writing strong transition sentences, etc.
Writing and mechanics
Did you use correct APA formatting when citing sources used (course textbooks, assigned readings, COE, and outside sources of your choosing)?

No plagiarism

Please Use Apa format

Provide at least two citations for the intervention from a peer-reviewed source, such as an academic journal.

The treatment plan should be no more than three pages long, double spaced, and written in complete sentences (no bullet points), and students must use the provided template. 

it the remake of the treatment plan

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