Assignment 5 Instructions
For this assignment, you are required to design a GUI that will manage clients, contracts, and projects.
The system should allow you to enter information for a client. The fields necessary to record client information are as follows:
Client Name
Legal Name
Client Address (Street or PO Box, City, State, Zip)
Client Type (may be “End User,” “Value Added Reseller,” or “Partner”)
The system should allow the user to edit existing Clients as well as delete clients.
Every client in the system has a contract.
Each contract has the following information:
Contract Name
Legal Location
Contract Type (can be either “Time and Materials,” “Fixed Price,” “License,” or “Maintenance”)
[If Fixed Price or License, the user needs to enter the total amount of the contract.]
Possible products included (may be any combination of the following, but at least one product must be associated with a contract):
Telecom BP
Telecom FM
Start Date
End Date
Multiple contracts are possible for a given client. Therefore, the system must allow the user to enter as many contracts as needed. The user should also be allowed to edit existing contracts and delete contracts.
A contract can have multiple projects assigned to it. The system must keep track of project information and project assignments to contracts.
The user should be able to (1) Add a new project and assign it to an existing contract, (2) Modify an existing project, (3) Delete a project, and (4) Remove a project from a contract.
The following information is associated with a project:

Project Name
Start Date
End Date
Maintenance Term (in months) – Maintenance Term is the length of maintenance service that is provided free of charge for a new system. It is within the range of 1–12 months
Service Level Agreement (SLA) – Service Level represents the priority given to a project in production when a problem occurs. For a project with a Maintenance Term between 9–12 months (inclusive), a high priority is given (i.e., a 3 hour response time). For 3–8 months (inclusive), medium priority is assigned (i.e., 12 hour response time). For 1–3 months (inclusive), low priority is assigned (i.e., 24 hour response time).
Manager – Any employee in the company can be the manager of a project. Only one manager exists at any given time for a project.

This assignment is intended to give you practice in implementing guidelines on Windows and Controls you read about in your textbook.
For this assignment, you are required to design the GUI the system described above. You do not have to implement any functionality. Your task is to design the windows and controls that would be used to implement the system. You may use any drawing application to draw your screens.
Paste your designs in a single Word document. Below each screen, describe its functionality, including a discussion of the controls on the screen
Indicate what types of controls are used for each element and if they are to be pre-populated with any values. For instance, an employee combo box that is pre-populated with the names of all the employees in the company may be used on a screen to select the manager of a project.
There are many different ways to design this system. Adhere to the guidelines indicated in the textbook, and use the descriptions above to design a system to meet the needs of the organization. Have fun with this exercise.
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