Healthcare Ecosystems

Todays healthcare ecosystem is influenced by external factors such as legislative events, economic changes, and social trends impacting delivery systems. One role of the health services professional is to analyze and respond to the information needs of external and internal customers throughout the continuum of healthcare services (the healthcare ecosystem). For this task, you will […]

Financial Management Strategies

Refer to the 3M Company – Good Corporate Citizen case study in chapter 1 of the textbook. Respond to the following in a total of 350 to 525 words: Research the current P/E ratio of the company mentioned in the case, 3M. Compare 3M to another firm in the same industry.   Some critics of […]

SOCI331 Research Methods for Sociology

Go to the following Census Bureau Profile site.  ( Select your state on the map, (Nevada) Once you do this, select the State Profile link that pops up This will bring you to your state profile page. You can scroll down and pick a number of demographics such as Age and Sex, the number of Veterans […]

Discussion Board: Integration

Operation Management Class:  In this lesson, we discuss the importance of integrating sales and operations. This idea of integrated management is indeed a key tenet of supply chain and operations management practices today.  Summarize the ways through which sales and operations planning can be integrated. Then, extend your findings to additional supply chain management processes […]

Research paper

Every student will research and write a 5-8 page paper on a current or upcoming social or ethical issue within a career area you are considering or currently working within. You can select any topic on your own from upcoming social or ethical issue. Use a minimum of 8-10 references. Make sure you include a […]

Analysis paper on an informal learning space

Analysis Paper: Classrooms are not the only places where learning occurs. There are informal learning spaces throughout the community in which people can engage in experiential learning, such as museums, zoos, makerspaces, or other social activities, such as playing games or attending a talk. For this paper, you will experience and write about learning that […]

Financial Ratios Resources

This week, youll review a balance sheet and income statement, and then calculate common financial ratios to evaluate the companys financial performance. These are simple formulas, but they may seem intimidating. In most instances, the calculations are simple and can be automated in spreadsheets. However, for this discussion, youll want to perform the calculations yourself. […]

Psychological Disorders

  Psychological Disorders Choose one of the psychological disorders discussed this week and answer the following questions: Briefly describe the criteria that qualify it as a disorder. What kinds of medical treatment(s) are recommended for this disorder? Discuss the cultural views of this disorder (any stigma or societal views?). Now that you have an understanding […]


Attached is the final exam. Instructions: • Answer four of questions 1–5 and four of questions 6–10. • For questions 1–5, the length guideline is about 150 words (half a page). For questions 6–10, the length guideline is about 300 words (a page). • You may consult your notes, the books, and things posted on the course Canvas site. (This includes recordings of lectures, which are under the […]


  From what you have learned about the concepts of adjustment and growth, apply your learning  of these concepts to yourself—conduct your own self-assessment, self- awareness,  analysis of your personal adjustment and growth.                      2.  Describe and discuss such things as dimensions of Person, Environment and Time […]