1. Many of the class will be building skills for psychology, nursing, education, or social work. I want you to be aware of the many different ideas in a culture about pregnancy and childbirth. I would like you to descibe a concept from a culture that you are familiar with and tell how you would respond to this concept. (You might have to talk to your grandparents for some folklore) For example one idea that is fairly wide spread in different cultures is that if a pregnant woman has some frightening experience it is likely to show up as a birthmark in the child. I had a student who stated that she was chased by a mad chicken and her child did have a chicken birthmark on the leg. Folklore developed as ways to help peope cope and deal with events when medicine was not always accessible. It is important to understand that these beliefs exist and understand them. I have had a person in therapy who was depressed who would come to therapy, took antidepressants, and who also saw a healer with different candles and prayers. To me this showed that the person was highly motivated to find some treatment for depression and was covering all bases.

2. One major issue is development is the Nature versus Nurture. Watch the following video clip

and discuss which seems to be more important–inheritance (Nature) or environment (Nurture). Discuss the value of the twin research and how this assists with understanding of all development.

3. Discuss how you would respond as a teacher or therapist if you know about child abuse or neglect. What are the requirements for reporting for your future career or current career? Also discuss what you would do if you were just a bystander but saw a child be injured. Discuss how you would be expected to respond to child abuse/neglect that you observed in your work setting. What are some of the dilemmas that you are faced when you report? Do you ever think that reporting can cause more stress and risk for the child?

4. Watch the video of the twins that is on You Tube. Discuss how they are building language. Notice the pauses and responses. Explain what they are learning. Also add what caregivers, peers, and others who do to enhance and/or interrupt this learning.
The site is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JmA2ClUvUY
Now watch Mila Stauffer
Describe how the child moves from the language demonstrated by the twins moves to the language of Mila. How typical is a child like Mila? How do you think she acquired this skill?

5. Watch the video clip on Ted Talks about Attachment. Here is the link:
Discuss what impact attachment disorder would have on a person for life. What would be the impact on school and peers, on relationships and partners, on being a parent?
How would you help a parent who is adopting or a parent who has been separated from the child such as a person being in the military or other situations of separation.

6. Watch this video on YouTube and talk about the impact of drugs on children in the foster care system. I had a previous video but it was not available so this is a new discussion. This is a news special about the foster care system and the use of medication. Talk about the positive and negative aspects of these drugs.

7. Watch the following video clip from You Tube

This describes different types of play–solitary, associative, cooperative, and competitive. Link these types of play to examples that you have witnessed with chidlren and describe how that play impacts physical, psychosocial, or cognitive development.

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