Task: Choose ONE ofthe suggestions for writing in Mays p. 1130 (end of chapter 24) and writea 1500-2000-word critical essay instandard academic English and MLA format. Be sure to use Orr as one of your sources.    Worth (35%).

Choose one of the below:

4. Mary Lynn Broe, Judith Kroll, Margaret Homans, Pamela Annas, and Steven Gould Axelrod all claim that Daddy portrays the speakers attempt to successfully exorcise one demon or another, though they disagree both about what or who that demon is and about whether and how that exorcism (not the poem) succeeds. Using their arguments as a starting point, write an essay in which you offer your own interpretation of the process of exorcism enacted in the poem.

5. In Sylvia Plath, A. Alvarez quotes Plaths own interpretation of Daddy as a poem spoken by a girl with an Electra complex. (Other articles also mention this statement.) Research the term Electra complex, which originated with Sigmund Freud. Is it useful to interpret Daddy through the lens of the Electra complex? Citing critics included in this chapter, write an essay in which you discuss Plaths Freudian explanation of Daddy.

6. In Sylvia Plath: The Wound and the Cure of Words, Steven Gould Axelrod argues that Daddy is a response to the domestic poem created in the late 1940s and 1950s by American male poets, especially poems such as Theodore Roethkes My Papas Waltz that depict fathers and sons. Write an essay comparing Plaths and Roethkes poems, drawing on, and in one way or another responding to, Axelrods arguments. Do you agree, for example, with his claim that where one poem represents the father figure as merely implicitly oppressive, the other unmasks him as a monster? Alternatively, might Axelrod be right that reading Daddy changes forever
the way we read My Papas Waltz? How and why so, or not?
7. Is Daddy a feminist poem? Citing the essays by Margaret Homans and other critics in this chapter, write an essay in which you explore the validity of a feminist interpretation.

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