For this assignment, you will develop a completed case study paper using the correct APA style and formatting for legal materials.

Choose a case study from the Case Study Scenarios linked in Resources to complete this assignment.

While you should begin looking for case law relating to your scenario in the textbook, do not use the textbook as a reference. Cite the Reporter references for the original cases that you find.

Find cases that fit the issues you identified—not necessarily cases that mimic the case study scenario. You may find a case that is close to the scenario but it is not necessary. For example, if the scenario is about a man who falls down darkened stairs in a school and sues the district, look for cases on torts involving schools and negligence, not cases about a person falling down stairs.

Include the following in your paper. Headings and sections should follow the bold text.

Cover page.
Table of Contents.
Case Summary. Direct quote of the scenario verbatim.
Major Legal Issues. Identify 3–5 major legal issues and explain the relevance to your scenario.
Major Case Law Governing the Issues. Identify the major case laws (6–10 recent cases) governing the issues identified. Then:
Brief the cases in paragraph form.
Explain the meanings of the cases that govern the legal issues you have identified.
Arguing a Position. Argue a position using the cases by explaining how each case applies to your arguments.
Weaknesses in Argument. Articulate the major weaknesses in the position you take.
Avoiding or Preventing Litigation. Describe how litigation could be avoided or prevented.
Reflection. Reflect on the work you have done by answering these questions:
What are the most important things you learned from completing this case study?
What are the implications for you as an educational leader?
Refer to the Sample Case Study Paper in Resources for an example of how to structure your paper.

Additional Requirements
Cite the cases correctly in the text of your paper. Be sure you include the name of the case and, in parentheses, the year in which the opinion was rendered.
Keep the length of your case study to 10 double-spaced pages or fewer (not including the cover page, table of contents, abstract, and references).
Use APA style and formatting for legal case study and references. Reminder: Do not use your textbook as a reference.
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