The student will evaluate an historical theme using assigned sources for support and compose a properly formatted, scholarly paper. Please note, there will be two essay assignments that are separate assignments with different due dates.

Students will submit a thesis statement for Evaluative Essay: Ancient Societies to the instructor for review. This pre-submission of the thesis statement will not be required for Evaluative Essay: Medieval Cultures. 


The student will write two Evaluative Essays each discussing a chosen topic. The student will choose one of the given essay prompts to write on. The length of each paper should be 750 – 1100 words – not counting footnotes. The paper will use double spaced text, Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, standard margins, and indentation. The paper must use Turabian formatting.

The paper will include both a title page and a bibliography page. The student will use citations of the sources given in the prompts. The essay should use Basic Organization (except literature topic, given in literature document): The paper will consist of an introduction, body, and conclusion. 

The introduction should be one paragraph and should introduce the main argument, ending with a strong thesis statement. The thesis statement is the one sentence argument. 

The body of the paper is a few paragraphs (3-4) that develop and support the argument while comparing the assigned documents. The body will also provide further analysis and Biblical evaluation. The body of the paper should provide specific examples and details from the assigned sources. 

The conclusion is the final paragraph, restating the argument and summarizing the main points of the paper, drawing conclusions for the reader. The conclusion should not provide new information. 

Religion and Philosophy


·      This document contains topic prompts and sources for Evaluative Essay 2. 

·      Do not consult outside sources.

·      Do not change your topic mid-term.

476- 1640 – Evaluative Essay 2


For the second paper, you will read three documents – the first is a peer-reviewed article regarding the true motivations behind the First Crusade, and the other two are primary source accounts by Pope Urban II and a participant in the First Crusade. 


In this paper, you will analyze the argument made in “Was the First Crusade Really a War Against Islam.” Use the primary source documents to supplement as you consider the validity of the author’s claim. 


Your paper should consider the author’s argument, his logic, and his support. Your thesis statement should answer the following question:


Does Morton provide a convincing argument that the First Crusade was not a war of hatred against Muslims? 



Morton, Nicholas. “Was the First Crusade Really a War Against Islam?”

This article is located on the main “Evaluative Essay Documents” page in a folder labeled “Primary Sources.” Scroll past the lists of topics and you will find it at the bottom of the page. The article is in PDF format and can be downloaded. (The link to a PDF file of this source can be found below the linked you clicked for this prompt)


Pope Urban II’s speech at Clermont


Read only Letter #2 – Stephen, Count of Blois and Chartres to his Wife, Adele.


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