Exp19 PowerPoint Ch02 ML1 Duarte
PowerPoint Chapter 2 Mid – Level 1 Duarte 
Project Description:
Video-sharing sites on the Internet make it possible to learn from PowerPoint industry experts. After viewing a video about good design principles, you will use shapes, text boxes, images, animation, video, or audio to illustrate several design rules in your presentation.
Start PowerPoint. Download and   open the file named Exp19_PPT_Ch02_ML1_Duarte.pptx.    Grader has automatically added your last name to   the beginning of the filename.
Click the subtitle text box on   Slide 1. Replace Student Name with Anna Baker. Access the Internet and go to www.youtube.com. Search for the video Duarte Design’s Five Rules for   Presentations by Nancy Duarte. View the video and take notes on how to   apply the five rules to your presentations.
Click Slide 2 and type Treat Your   Audience Well as   the title.
Select all of the bulleted text   on Slide 2 and apply the Fade Entrance effect. Set the animation to start   After Previous with a Duration of 03.00 and a Delay of 03.00
Click the Show Additional Effect   Options Dialog Box Launcher to access the Fade dialog box. Set the After   Animation to Orange on the Effect tab.
Click Slide 3 and type Use Movement   to Express Your Ideas as   the title.
Insert the video Duarte.mp4. Apply an Oval video shape.
Apply an Orange, Accent 2 video   border. Set the Fade In duration to 01.00. Select and delete any additional   text boxes that may display when the video is inserted.
Click Slide 4 and type Show   Meaningful Visuals as   the title. Delete the subtitle placeholder.
Click Slide 5 and type Design for   Impact as the   title. Type Don’t decorate in the content placeholder and change the font size   to 44.
Select the title Don’t decorate, and apply the Fade   Entrance effect. Set the animation to start After Previous with a Duration of   03.00 and a Delay of 03.00
Click Slide 6 and type Talk to the   Audience as the   title.
Insert a rectangle shape, type Relationships   matter and then   size the shape to a Height of 0.7″ and a Width of 5.75″. Position it at a horizontally   at 6.25″   from the Top   Left Corner and vertically at 2.5″ from the Top Left Corner.
Apply the Heart motion path to   the inserted shape. Set the animation to start After Previous with a Duration   of 03.00 and a Delay of 02.00. Or, use the Draw Freeform motion path to draw the heart shape.
Click Slide 1 and apply a Push   transition. Set the Effect Option to From Right and apply to all slides.
Save and close Exp19_PPT_Ch02_ML1_Duarte.pptx. Exit   PowerPoint. Submit the file as directed.

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