Essay Instructions and Rubric

Your essay must be typed, double-spaced, in 12-point New Times Roman font. Paper margins must be one inch all around. Include in the header of the paper your name ONLY. DO NOT include additional information (your name, instructors name, date, assignment, etc.) at the top of the paper.

You must submit your document as a .docx file. If you do not have a word processor (e.g. Microsoft Word) installed on your computer, please use  to format your paper. Google Docs is FREE for EVERYONE. All you need is a Google Account, which is also FREE. After typing and formatting your document, you can download your paper as a .docx file.

DO NOT include a title or bibliography/works cited page. Text beyond the assigned word limit will not be read. .

Essay Prompt

The 1960s and 1970s in America witnessed a number of different social movements. Using three of the acceptable primary sources listed below, identify three of these social movements. Then, in an essay of approximately 900 words, answer the following questions: How were these three social movements similar? How were they different?

Acceptable Primary and Secondary Sources

You may use only the sources listed below for this essay:

Primary sources:

  • Martin Luther King, Jr., Letter from a Birmingham Jail (1963). Cite as: (King, pp)
  • Betty Friedan, The problem that has no name (1963). Cite as: (Friedan, pp)
  • The Black Panther Party Program and Platform (1966). Cite as: (Party Program, pp)
  • Alcatraz Proclamation and Letter (1969). Cite as: (Alcatraz, pp)
  • Radicalesbians, “The Woman-Identified Woman” (1970). Cite as: (Radicalesbians, pp)
  • The Combahee River Collective Statement (1977). Cite as: (Combahee, pp)

Secondary sources

  • Lectures from weeks 11-13. Cite as: (Lecture 1x, slide#)





Assert: Does the essay assert an interpretation in response to the question? Is there a clear thesis statement?



Apply: Does the essay use sufficient evidence from both primary and secondary sources?


Secondary sources



Primary source 1



Primary source 2



Primary source 3



Citation: Does the essay cite its sources (Panorama, 509) (Montanus, Fluvius Grandus, 1671)?



Language mechanics: Does the essay use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation?



Quality of expression: Is the essay written in thoughtful academic English?



Formatting: Does the essay adhere to the formatting guidelines and word limit?



Overall execution: Does the essay make an original argument? Does it connect sources/evidence into conversation in a unique or especially productive way? Is there exceptional analysis?






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