Group Discussion Thread: Second Wave Film – Group for Discussion Thread 1
Watch the following film on the Second Wave and answer the discussion questions.  Respond to at least two of your peers with comments.
(2014). She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry [Video file].
Answer the following questions based on the film. (You should respond with at least 3 sentences or more per question):
1.What do you think were some of the worst barriers that women faced in the late 1960s and early 1970s? 125 words or more
2.What did you think about the strategies that women used?  Explain a strategy and why you think it was successful or not. 125 words or more
3.What internal conflicts among the women themselves did you find most interesting in the film? 125words or more  
4.What did you find most interesting about the film? 125 words or more
5.What critique could you give about the film? 100 words or more
Note this is a very important exam, take a long time to read the materials. I want your best. Be specific with the attached materials. 
Please upload the file as a Word. Text will be reviewed by SimCheck for plagiarism. 
I don’t accept external sources, you just need to use readings for the class. 
Note: When you post your original post to receive full credit ensure you are demonstrating analytical thought and answering the question FULLY. INCLUDE ALL THE QUESTIONS IN YOUR ANSWER. 
IMPORTANET.  be specific because I will make sure that your paper matches the INSTRUCTIONS exactly.
When you answer consider.
Short Essay Responses to Questions: Answer the questions posted on canvas concerning the
materials covered in class. You should write a minimum of one paragraph for each question. You will
be evaluated on:
Writing (complete sentences, good spelling, and grammar)
Content: (Did you respond to the question? Did you give reasons for your response? Did you provide examples from the readings or class discussions?)
Note: Avoid PLAGIARISM (0) and copying and pasting you will get you ZERO. I will scan the papers. 600 words or more NOT INCLUDED THE QUESTIONS.

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