General Rules and Requirements: This assignment is weighted to 40%Must be confined to 2,000 words.Any list of the references actually cited must be included in your assignment paper. Font type should be Times New Roman (size 12), paragraph spacing should beequal to 1.5.A word copy of the assignment must be submitted via Turn-it-in (the link isavailable on Moodle).10% penalty will be applied for each day late. No extension will be given.Please write down your name and student ID on the cover page.Similarity rate must be lower than 20%, otherwise you will fail or even get zeromark in your assignment.Financial AnalysisRefer to the 2014 annual report of JB Hi-Fi Limited on its website, answer the following questions:Required:Part A1. What is the total value in the consolidated financial statements for each of thefollowing items at the end of the year?Cash and cash equivalentsInventoriesSales revenueOther incomePlant and EquipmentInterest Expense (finance costs)Sales and marketing expenseOccupancy expensesTrade and other payablesBorrowings (non-current)2. What is the normal balance for each of the accounts listed above? What side ofthe account, debit or credit, is affected in order to decrease each item?Part B1. What are the different types of revenues generated by the consolidated group?2. How are the group’s assets classified?3. What are the major categories listed among the group’s equity? How manyordinary shareholders did JB Hi-Fi Limited have at the end of the financial year?4. What is the group’s current liability for dividends to ordinary shareholders? Ifyou owned only 100 ordinary shares in JB Hi-Fi Limited, how much would youreceive in dividends? If added the interim dividend, what is the current year’stotal amount of dividend per share? What is the Last year’s final dividend paid inthe current period?5. How do the dividends per share compare with the group’s ‘earnings’ per share(use basic one)? What is the proportion of the dividend paid or paying out of thetotal profit as ordinary dividends for current year? Part C1. From the statement of cash flows, name the journal(s) or journal summaries inwhich you would expect to find the following transactions recorded: a. Receipts from customersb. Payments to suppliers and employeesc. Dividends paid to members of the parent entityd. Payments for property, plant and equipment 2. From the financial statements and notes in relation to revenues and expenses, name the journal (s) or journal summaries in which you would expect to find the following transactions recorded: a. cost of sales expenseb. sales and marketing expensec. other incomed. occupancy expense
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