Reflecting on Previous Weeks Action Plan.( page) Reflect on the positive action plan you created last week to practice forgiveness to increase past-focused positive emotions. Complete the following sentence stems to review your progress on your positive action towards practicing forgiveness last week. Include the sentence stems in your half-page action plan. 

  • One success I had when carrying out my action plan to practice forgiveness was
  • Something I realized or learned when carrying out my action plan to practice forgiveness was
  • One way I could have pushed my growth even more in practicing forgiveness was
  • An additional support I could have reached out to support my progress towards practicing forgiveness was

Positive Action Planning for the Week: ( page) Develop a positive action plan for continuing to increase your happiness and well-being for the future beyond this course. Complete the following sentence stems to create a plan to take positive action towards practicing continuing to increase your happiness and well-being beyond this course. 




One thing I can get excited about in terms of continuing to increase my happiness and well-being


stressful situation that may occur that could keep me from continuing to increase my happiness and well-being is…


commit to doing this action plan to demonstrate personal growth in continuing to increase my happiness and well-being:  


I will use the following skills to assist me in completing this action plan: 



This action plan relates to my goals and values because: 


I will know that my action plan was effective if: 


Class Activity Reflection: (1 page) Reflect on the Thriving  Toolbox you developed during quiz section this week of class. Write a 1 page double spaced reflection addressing the following prompts. 

  • Think back to  your first HW Post where you identified your goals for the class and the areas you wanted to work on (A. Difficulty managing emotions, letting emotions control your actions, B. Confusion and distractibility, reduced awareness and focus, C. Impulsiveness, acting without thinking about it, D. Relationship problems, difficulty keeping relationships, loneliness). 
    • How have the skills, strategies, and practices you put into your Thriving  Toolbox helped you move towards your personal goals for the course? How have the skills, strategies, and practices you put into your Thriving  Toolbox helped you address the area you wanted to work on the most (A, B, C, D)? 
    • In what ways has your Thriving Toolbox from EDUC 216 expanded the skills, practices, and routines you developed in EDUC 215? Did any of the skills in your Thriving Toolbox come from your EDUC 215 Resilience Toolbox? How have you used the EDUC 215 skills in new ways in 216? 
    • Where do you still need to grow? How will your Thriving Toolbox help you continue to move towards these goals and work on these areas? 
    • Which skills do you still want to focus on getting better at from your toolbox? How will you hold yourself accountable for continuing to practice these skills beyond this course? 

Gratitude Post: ( page) Write a half a page about something that happened this week that you are grateful for.

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