I already answer it but I want to make sure I have got the right answer

The eukaryotic ribosomal RNA has is designated as ______ S, based onits size.
A. 80 B. 70 C. 60 D. 40
Endospore formation in certain bacteria includes the following events except ____
A. formation of a smaller foresporeB. peptidoglycan being layed down between membraneC. increased amounts of nitrogen and carbon availableD. a lengthy process, involving hours or moreE. dehydration and calcification
In animal eukaryotic cells, the cell membrane stability is aided by__________.
A. rigid structural proteinsB. ergosterolsC. cholesterolsD. cell walls external to the membranes
E. C & D
The cytoskeleton of the prokaryotic cell includes which of the following structures?

Intermediate fibres
Both of these are included
Neither of these are included

In the ________________, ribosomal RNA is formed in eukaryotic cells
A. nucleolusB. nucleoidC. nuclear membraneD. nuclear poreE. chromatin/DNA

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