This assignment will assess the following learning outcomes:
1) Identify and critically evaluate the major environmental influences affecting global and international markets to justify recommended strategies,
2) Apply appropriate analytical models and frameworks to analyse , assess and critically appraise global and international marketing situation.
Write an Individual Assignment up to 2500 words on analyzing the following case:
You have to choose any International Beverage Company and its products. You have to critically analyse and evaluate its marketing strategies, applying the principles and practices of international marketing concepts.
You are the newly appointed export marketing manager and your main task is to prepare an International marketing plan along with analysis and any challenges faced by the company during internationalization. You have to cover your topic of study in all following areas;
1) A brief Introduction about the company and its products.
2) Company’s rationale behind internationalization.
3) Mode of entry – selection of market entry strategies to enter into various countries.
4) Evaluate the marketing mix strategies adopted by the company.
5) Discuss brand positioning and advertising strastegy.
6) Competitor analysis with respect to the host country.
7) How social and cultural factors have significant impact on the target market in an international environment.
8) Which factors influence the decision in developing distribution channels internationally?
9) Conclusion and findings of framework analysis
10) References must be according to Harvard Style
Guidelines to students:
Style and Format
Write down the exact number of words at the end of your essay. You may include diagrams. Figures, appendices etc. without word penalty. A sliding scale of penalties for excess length will be impeded. The first page most be designed as a cover page name, student id and batch. Computer formatis compulsory. Make sure you use a consistent format for your essay (font, font sixe, margins etc.).
Referencing style for the Assessment
In the text of your assignment if your quote directly for and article. Journal or book this should appear in quotation marks (“…”) the source should then be acknowledged by stating the author’s last name and date in brackets at the end of the quotation, e.g. (Rushmore & de Roos, 2002).
If you paraphrase or reword from a journal, article or book the source should either be acknowledged within the sentence, e.g.
According to Karsavina & Brooks (2001), revenue management is………or at the end of the sentence before the full stop, e.g. (Karsavina & brooks, 2001).
At the end of the assignment all reference should be listed on a separate page headed References. Make sure that all references are complete; and that all references mentions in the text are given in the list of references and vice versa. Any items not cited should be listed separately under bibliography or furtherreading suing the Harvard referencing style.
Your essay should be structured with sub topics related to the assignment criteria.
Your assignment will be submitted before the deadline. The assignment will not be accepted at any later date than the set deadline. No excuses will be entertained except extenuating circumstances.
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