1. Once again another awesome podcast. Mr. Cockerell has a lot of information to give from his decades of experience. I think with Disney Land being the largest and most profitable company in the history of the hospitality business he has a lot of knowledge we should all take heed to. His first question of the podcast and main topic of the podcast was “how do you motivate employees without money”? His answer was simple, yet flawless. He states that your job as a manager/trainer is not to motivate your employees, your job is to hire the right employees and they motivate themselves. That statement speaks intense volume. He goes on to describe that as employees that wake up every morning motivating themselves by first just putting the idea in their heads that they are going to show up to work, they are going to be positive minded, productive and have an awesome day at work. He states that being a trait that can’t be taught because it’s internal. He speaks about his own experience of working and says that his managers in his early days of work trying to manipulate him and other employees to work better by giving them pizza parties on Friday’s, never inspired him to work harder. He says that he worked the same whether he was paid bare minimum or max dollar, he believes hard work is either in your “DNA” or its not and I totally agree. Now I believe with what he says but it’s so hard to distinguish hardworking people from lazy people in the interview process because I know that people can put on a superhero mask on a resume or show up on an interview. I still struggle with that because I always try and see the best in people even when I sometimes know deep down they’re probably not fit to work a job. I agree with his notes he took from baseball player Alex Rodriguez about the “3” traits every person should live by, education, integrity and your word. Say what you mean and mean what you say. I love his idea of striving off his “fear of failure”. How that one thing is what gives him his drive to work hard at what he does and continuing to motivate himself everyday for over 50 years. Great podcast Mr. Lee!
2. Lee Cockerell was very interesting to listen to, and his achievements are incredible. I’m not sure I agree with his philosophy that you don’t motivate employees, because, I think everyone needs a little motivation. We all have tough days, and a kind word, a little reward or a pep talk go a long way. He did make several points I do agree with; we need to be teachers and not bosses, don’t stay where you are not happy, and a great performer will always find a great job.
I think sometimes those in charge forget that they are teachers and that’s their primary function. If they would approach the position as a teacher and not a boss they would, perhaps, be more efficient. I hate the word boss, and I think it gives off the vibe of a dictator even if it’s not meant in that context. I read a statistic a few weeks ago (it was either in this class or another of my HSTM classes) where 70% of the population is unhappy with their job and career. I found this very disturbing but not all that surprising because if you look around in the service area, you see holes in the level of service provided and the level of service you expect. That leads me to my next point, and I like the way Lee put it; a great performer will always find a great job. It doesn’t take a lot to give someone basic service, and honestly, people do not expect anything (for the most part) over the top. A kind word, attention to detail and performing the bare minimum the job requires is what makes most people happy; going above and beyond is a bonus. If you are confident, comfortable and a service leader employers will recognize this, and you can have your pick of jobs!
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