Participation Activity Module 3
1) Identify the errors in the sample introduction section use the classification system
below then correct errors directly onto the paragraph by copy and pasting them.
Identify the errors using the following classification:
G1, G2, G3: errors in grammar (5 points)
P1, P2, P3: errors in punctuation (10 points)
R1, R2, R3: errors in referencing (10 points)
S1, S2, S3: errors in spelling (5 points)
V1, V2, V3: errors of vocabulary (5 points)
Introduction: Specific language impairment is characteristic by difficulty acquiring
appropriate developmental language skills. despite otherwise typical development of
non-language skills children with specific language impairment have particular difficulty
acquiring appropriate developmental language skills such as inflectional morphology
when compared to typically developing children (Leonard, Bortolini, Caselli, McGregor,
& Sabbadini, 1992 as cited by Swisher and Snow, 1994). this difficulty is obveous even
when children linguistic environment that supports normal language development.
Exercise 1 – Punctuation
Part I – Add the appropriate punctuation marks to the following sentences.
1) In the opening sentence of Murray’s book he writes “Perspicuity is the fundamental
quality of style.”
2) Many children have grown up confused by it’s and its and they remain so as adults.
3) While punctuation aids understanding, it is not, however, always necessary to
comprehend the meaning of text.
4) James Joyce George Bernard Shaw and David Crystal have all experimented with the
effect of leaving out aspects of punctuation.
5) George Bernard Shaw was an advocate for spelling reform and avoided apostrophes
whenever he could.
6) However when writing academic papers correct punctuation is recommended.
7) Astronauts on the International Space station have grown the first flower in space a
picture of an orange zinnia was sent to Earth.
8) The aim is to grow vegetables in space; however, flowers are needed for the purpose of
9) Subscribers to the newspaper came from diverse places such as Sydney, Australia;
Victoria, Canada; and Renshausen, Germany.
10) A new species of thrush has been discovered; its rich and musical song aided its
11) Elon Musk’s SpaceX experienced a rapid unscheduled disassembly: the rocket
12) The ChAD department offers a well-rounded curriculum: theory, research, policy, and
practice are all incorporated.
13) For better health, introduce foods with lots of soluble fiber: fruits, nuts, and whole
14) The game is said to waste time and money, promote gambling, and cause hatred and
enmity between players- the game is chess.
15) There are no safety standards for hover boards, but recent problems have prompted
the Consumer Safety Commission to issue its own warning- keep a fire extinguisher
16) Erik Eriksons theory suggested that humans develop in psychosocial stages, in
contrast to Freuds belief in psychosexual stages.
17) In 38, Skinner’s Operant Conditioning theory was published, and purported that
rewards and punishment shape behavior.
18) Adaptive behavior is behavior that promotes an organism’s survival in the natural
19) A lot of research work is enabled by T.A’.s taking on their professors’ class
20) Let’s remain critical when appraising the validity of research.
Part II
1) Linguist, David Crystal wrote the following passage without punctuation. Please rewrite
it, including suitable punctuation.
Let me begin by making a very important point: it is perfectly possible to write a whole
paragraph without any punctuation at all, and everything still makes sense. it may be a bit
difficult to read in places; we are not used to seeing english written in this way. Also, the
technique makes us read in a rush, but there is no real problem. Only every now and again would
the lack of a punctuation mark make us stop and wonder what the writer meant.
2) Write a paragraph on whether you consider the above passage to be easily
comprehensible, and whether punctuation could be omitted from academic papers.

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