1- A negatively charged rod of finite length carries charge with a uniform charge per unit length. Sketch the electric field lines in a plane containing the rod.
2-The figure below shows the electric field lines for two charge particles separated by a small distance. (a) Determine the ratio q1/q2. (b) What are the signs of q1 and q2?
3- A proton is projected in the positive x direction into a region of a uniform electric field ~ E = (−10×105)ˆi N/C at t = 0. The proton travels 20.00 cm as it comes to rest. Determine (a) the acceleration of the proton, (b) its initial speed, and (c) the time interval over which the proton comes to rest.
4- A nonuniform electric field is given by the expression
~ E = ayˆ i + bzˆ j + cxˆ k
where a, b, and c are constants. Determine the electric flux through a rectangular surface in the xy plane, extending from x = 0 to x = w and from y = 0 to y = h.

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