Term Paper: You will be responsible for a research Term Paper (Run Your Own MNC), as 
detailed below: 
– Term Project: Run Your Own MNC:  Create an idea for your own MNC to conduct 
international business. Your idea should be simplified to the degree that you could 
possibly implement it someday. However, your idea should also be sufficiently creative 
to be successful if done properly. Your idea should focus on one country and one foreign 
currency, since many MNCs are focused in this manner when they are first created. So 
that you can recognize the issues regarding exchange rate risk that are discussed 
throughout this text, you should assume that you will receive foreign currency when 
selling your product. Your idea should be for a small MNC instead of a large MNC 
because even most large MNCs began as small firms. 
– Every week, you will be asked a set of questions related to the chapter covered in that 
particular week. You need to research, analyze, and respond to each question.  
– Responses to these questions should be part of your Term Paper. Your paper must cover 
all the questions that were raised and you should supplement content with the material 
that you think will provide more insight and in-depth analysis. 
– All such responses along with supplemental research should be assembled in one 
portfolio called, Run Your Own MNC. This portfolio will be approximately 15-18 
double-spaced pages (with complete references).   
– Students are expected to submit this portfolio electronically by Saturday (11:59 PM) 
of Week 13. Late submission will be penalized @10% for each days delay. 
– Your paper will be run through Turnitin to make sure that it does not have more than 
20% content matching other sources. Otherwise, it will be reported to college for 
violation of our Academic Integrity Policy. 
In each chapter of this text, you have the opportunity to apply the key concepts to your 
own idea about running an MNC. Many existing MNCs are small firms that focus on 
exporting a single product to a single country. The exported products could be sold to a 
single distributor based in a foreign country or could even be sold through the mail based on 
demand from mail-order ads. Your idea may be an extension of an idea you had for a 
business within the United States. It should focus on one particular foreign country 
and one particular foreign currency (the local non-dollar currency of that country), 
since many of the questions within this project will allow you to learn more about that 
country and currency. 

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