Revisit the  if you’re hazy on details (the video there might help).

Canvas_Overview.pngWhat to submit

For full credit, turn in the following on Canvas:

  • In this assignment, turn in your creation. Because your creations will vary, you might need to be creative in getting it to me.  Here are some general guidelines on how you might submit certain things
    • Upload a picture/video/scan of paintings, drawings
    • Link to youtube for large videos/collages
    • If you showed me your creation by bringing it to class, remind me in the text entry box of your creation.
  • Next, go to the Canvas Assignment ‘Vivaldi Assignment Explanation Upload" to submit your double-spaced, typed explanation(approximately 1-2 pages) of why the music inspired you in such a way. Be specific and make sure to incorporate at least 4 elements of musicin your explanation. (Ex.,The violins in the beginning played a twirling, conjunct melody that reminded me of snow falling so I chose to draw a picture of snow gently falling. When the trumpets entered loudly in the middle of the piece, it made me think of a warm wind coming through and melting the snow so my next comic book pane showed that. When the violins came back, it was the same melody but this time the tempo was slower, so I drew snow at nightfall to match that dreamy quality.)

Grading.pngGrading and Guidelines for your artwork

  • For your Vivaldi creation (due in this assignment), you receive points for creating. 
  • Although I will certainly be awed by it, I am not grading on artistic talent.  If you have the ability- feel free to draw a beautifully painted canvas.  But, if like me, your drawing ability stops at stick figures, feel free to submit your best darn stick figure drawing.   
  • I’m looking for thought and creativity, not ability.
  • Some students find it easier to create their project based on a little section of the music.  This is fine– if your idea would be too time-consuming to do for the whole 3 minutes of the song, just choose a small portion of the music to create to.

A note about copyright: I have given you an excellent orchestra and soloist’s version of Vivaldi’s Spring.  This version is subject to copyright laws.  For our class, which is classified as educational purposes in copyright law, we can use this mp3 to listen and create with.  Do not post your creation for capital gain as it would violate copyright laws.

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