Assignment 3 – Only a Daughter

Please read “Only a Daughter” by Sandra Cisneros:

Answer the following questions.  Elaborate and answer as much as you can.  Extremely short answers will be marked wrong.  Again, elaborate as much as you can.  Also, answer in complete sentences.  Do not delete the questions.  Provide an answer underneath each question.


  1. What does Cisneros mean when she writes that being an only daughter in a family of six sons “explains everything”?
  2. What distinction does Cisneros make between being “the only daughter” and being “only a daughter”?
  3. What advantages does Cisneros see in being “the only daughter”? In being “only a daughter”?
  4. Why does her father think she has wasted her education? What is her reaction to his opinion?
  5. Why is her father’s reaction to her story the “most wonderful” thing that happened to Cisneros that year?
  6. Although Cisneros uses many Spanish words in her essay, in most cases she defines or explains these words. What does this decision tell you about her purpose and her audience?
  7. What is Cisneros’s thesis? What incidents and details support this thesis?
  8. Do you think Cisneros intends to convey a sympathetic or an unsympathetic impression of her father? Explain.
  9. Are the episodes in this essay presented in chronological order? Explain.
  10. Cisneros quotes her father several times. What do we learn about him from his words? Elaborate.


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