1ST: Respond to the initial question. (250 words)

2ND: Respond to two classmate posts. (75 – 150 words)

An example of how the initial post should look is attached in the files.


Grant, H.B. & Terry, K.J. (2012). Law Enforcement in the 21st Century. (3rd ed.), New York: Pearson.


Since September 11, 2001, new forms of racial profiling have affected a growing number of people of color in the U.S., including members of Muslim, Arab, and South Asian communities.  Polls have indicated that as many as 70% of Americans believe that some form of racial profiling of the Arab American community is necessary and acceptable (Davis, 2001).  Do you feel that the post-September 11th global climate justifies racial profiling of Arab Americans?  Why or why not?  Please provide evidence from the internet (news articles, statistics, etc.) to support your opinion.

Classmate 1:

I think that the post-September 11th global climate definitely creates a misconception about Arab-Americans. It creates a bias that allows for racial profiling simply based on a terroristic group that so happened to also be of Arab descent during that political era. I disagree with the polls because it creates a negative dilemma regarding one specific race. I think that if society were to take action to “justify” racial profiling for one group of people based on a small portion, and even an insignificant portion of that group, then everyone should be profiled for fitting into a category. 

Classmate 2:

I think the polls that indicated 70% of Americans believe that some form of racial profiling against the Arab community should be tested again because this poll was taken in 2001 and today I think that percentage would be a lot different. Not saying it would be better or worse but hopefully this racism has gotten better. although there was racial profiling going on by the general public it was also tolerated by the federal government. For example in this article that I read said “After 9/11, Muslims and people of Arab and South Asian descent became targets of government practices that result in racial profiling.” Not even a year after attorney general John Ashcroft announced a “special registration” which made all Arab and Muslim males report to the government to be registered and fingerprinted. 


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