For our last Discussion Board forum, you will answer open-ended and interpretative questions about the 20th century.  You may offer recommendations for movies, TV show and documentaries and historic sites depicting an event from the 20th century.  You can write about if you had a family experience or lived through a major 20th century event.  Or you can offer your thoughts on what made the 20th century one of the most violent on record.  Here are your instructions for Discussion Board #5, write two (2) posts where you address any of the following four questions or reply to another student.  Your two posts may be answering two of the four questions OR one post that answers one of the four questions and then a reply to another student.  Therefore, after your initial post answering one of the four questions, you choose what you want for your second required post – answer to another question or reply to a student.   Here are the questions you can address:

  1. Recommend for you classmates if have a favorite feature film, television series, or documentary depicting a historical event from the 20th century.  It could be something depicting the world wars, a genocide, a revolution, Cold War event, social or cultural movement or a biography of a major 20th century figure.  Describe the plot or description overview and what makes this film, TV show, or documentary so good.  You can also get credit for a post if you respond to another student’s recommendation. 
  2. Recommend for your classmates a historic museum, exhibition, battlefield or historic site that pertains to 20th century history that they should visit.  What is important, reflective, or even awe-inspiring about this place?  What aspects of Twentieth Century World History is honored and memorialized here? Explain what you will see, what the setting is like, and comment on your experiences there.
  3. Do you have a family member who experienced, participated or was caught up in a major 20th century historical event?  Tell your classmates what happened to your family member.  It could be a parent, siblings, grandparents, and great-grandparents – any family member.  The event could be an event we covered in the course like the world wars, a revolution, genocide, or Cold War event.  It could also be a family member meeting or interacting with a noted historical figure.  Share your story so we can all reflect how the events of the 20th century still affect us today. 
  4. As one of the main goals for this course, we tried to find answers as to why the 20th century was one of the most violent and bloody of any previous human century.  Now at the completion of the course and reflecting upon what you have learned, what do you believe explains this century’s ultra-violent nature?  Was it the technological weaponry?  Was it because of ideas and ideologies (communism, fascism, nationalism, etc.)?  Was it a horrific era of evil dictators trying to implement murderous state visions? Was it the tumultuous transition from empires to nation-states leading to many revolutions and political instability?  Was it the lapse of morality and enlightened values giving rise to primitive violent impulses? You may select and explore any of these possibilities or provide one of your own.  Be sure to develop and argue your viewpoint with as much insight and clarity as possible. 

Here are your instructions and criteria for this Discussion Board:

  • You must have two (2) separate posts.  Each post is worth five (5) points each for a total of 10 points for Discussion Board #5.
  • Provide insightful and well-reasoned support in your posts.  Show serious reflection of thought. 
  • Each written post should be between 75-150 words.  You may write more, but don’t be excessive; don’t write less than this word minimum; this word range should be enough to develop your ideas concisely.
  • Remember don’t copy and paste material from the internet.  Your posts must be your own original writing.
  • Keep in mind that you must post first before seeing other classmates’ posts. To begin your post, point and click on Reply and a text box will appear.  Then after you have reviewed what you written, then you can click Post Reply.  Then you’ll be able to read your classmates’ posts.
  • Remember to follow the rules of civility and proper academic conduct in your posts.  Avoid vulgarity, rudeness, and insensitive language.  You may disagree with someone in a reply, but be respectful. And above all else, DO NOT PERSONALLY ATTACK anyone for their views.
  • You may write as many posts as you like, but the maximum points for Discussion Board #5 is 10 points

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