This assignment is an opportunity for you to conduct an interview which will help you learn about the experiences of an expectant couple, Mom, and/or Dad. In order to help you begin to think about what questions you may want to ask ,I have provided some below to get you started with your planning . These are some which I thought may help you learn more about what expectant parents are experiencing while they are awaiting the birth of their child. The purpose of this assignment is to give you experience in preparing questions that will help you understand the changes in the physical, social, emotional, language and intellectual development of a child beginning with conception leading to the birth of an infant based on the expectant parents perceptions and experience. 

It is by planning the questions you will ask, conducting the interview, writing the expectant parents responses, and providing a written summary of the information you learned from the interview, that you will be able to communicate more effectively about child development milestones beginning with the childs conception. 

Please remember to expand on your answers beyond a Yes or No. Ask the parents to tell you the story so that you can write it for this assignment. When I read your summary, I need to have a clear idea of the story of these parents pregnancy. Please select five questions from the provided list and remember you will add three of your own questions to the interview as well. A successful summary will include the parents responses to eight questions (five from the provided list and three of your own).


  1. Were you planning on getting pregnant?

  2. Did you visit your doctor for a pre-pregnancy checkup?

  3. How was your health before this pregnancy?

  4. Were you taking folic acid and prenatal vitamins?

  5. Were you taking over-the-counter and prescription drugs?

  6. Were you smoking and/or drinking alcohol?

  7. How did you diet improve?

  8. Are you exercising in any way? If yes, what type of exercise you do?

  9. Did you see your dentist for a cleaning?

  10. Do you limit caffeine intake?

    11. Do you eat any seafood?
    12. What changes did you notice happening in your body during the first trimester? 13. What changes did you notice happening in your body during the second trimester? 14. What changes did you notice happening in your body during the third trimester? 15. What do you know about giving birth?
    16. How do you imagine the birth of this baby will be?
    17. Have you educated yourself about giving birth at all?
    18. Have you baby-proofed your house?
    19. Have you bought and installed a car seat?
    20. How has it been getting older children and pets ready?
    21. Have you chosen a pediatrician?
    22. Have you checked out a day care?
    23. Have you been able to prepare for breastfeeding?
    24. Have you educated yourself about babies?

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