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This is development test items for a mental health theory class and mapping the test blue print to align with standards of best practice. An example of what is required for each question .

Assignment: A part of the nurse educator role in a nursing program is developing test items for an exam. You are a nursing faculty member co-teaching the follow course: #543-110-001 Nursing Mental Health & Community Concepts which is 2 credit for 3rd semester or junior level nursing students. The class also has a 4 -week rotation in the Mental Health unit at the local hospital to accumulate 84 hours of clinical time. You are tasked with writing 6 questions for exam #1 that covers module #3 on Mood Disorders, Suicide and ECT. Below is the competency and learning objectives for this module
Competency: Manage care for patients experiencing mood disorders.
Learning objectives (6a-g)
1. Describe various theories/etiologies (causes) of mood disorders.
2. Describe the common types of mood related disorders
3. Identify variables to include when assessing the patient with depression, mania and other mood disorders
4. Analyze issues related to the planning of care of individuals with mood related disorders
5. Describe nursing and medical interventions appropriate for the needs of patients with the various mood disorders
6. Explore pharmacologic, non-pharmacological and psychological interventions for the patient with a mood disorder
7. Evaluate the effectiveness of treatment modalities for individuals experiencing mood related disorders including the use of ECT
Requirements for your Assignment
1. Using the learning objectives above; develop 6 questions for this class on Mood Disorders
2. Map to each test question the following items:
a. a learning objective
b. identify the key concept for each question
c. highlight the correct answer in yellow
d. how it fits into the NLN Integrating concepts [environment, knowledge & science, professional development, quality and safety, relationship-centered care, teamwork]
e. Level of Bloom’s taxonomy used
f. Which part of the nursing process
g. Provide the rationale for why an answer is right or wrong
here is an example of one test item for the exam as written by a faculty member. Consider the depth that is needed with development and mapping is essential to meet the course outcomes and align with the nursing curriculum Sample Test Question

A patient who has been severely depressed for the past one week stated to the nurse, ‘I feel like ending it all as there is no hope for me”. What is best therapeutic response by the nurse?
a. How long has you had thoughts about harming yourself?
b. What is it that makes you think you need to harm yourself today?
c. What thoughts are you having about harming yourself?
d. Why would you want to harm yourself now, life has been good for you?
Learning Objective: #3
Key Concept: Suicidal Ideation
NLN Integrating Concepts: quality and safety
Bloom’s taxonomy: Analysis
Nursing Process: Assessment
Rationale: Answer ‘c’ is the best therapeutic response. Since the patient has made an ambiguous statement with the theme of hopelessness and worthlessness, the nurse must assess further as to what the patient meant by their statement to understand if the patient is acutely suicidal and there is a high risk for self-harm. With assessment, the nurse needs to know the patient’s intent, plan, means and level of lethality. If the patient is suicidal, then the nurse will need to determine what level of intervention is needed (i.e. 15” safety checks, 1:1 nursing observation, etc.). With answer ‘a’, while knowing how long and if there is a history is important, it is not the top priority with the most critical information. Answer ‘b’ challenges the patient to defend how they feel and could adversely impact on the nurse-patient relationship. Answer ‘d’ is non-therapeutic with asking ‘why’ and placing guilt on the patient as their feelings are not valid.

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