Write a 1-page paper on your philosophy of nursing using APA format. Include a title page and reference list (if applicable). For an overview of a philosophy of nursing, read the article: “Articulating Your Philosophy of Nursing (PDF)” (Links to an external site.)

Specify at least three concepts that are essential in your practice of nursing. Explain whether your philosophy portrays nursing as a science or an art.

Assignment 1.1 Philosophy of Nursing Part 1According to McEwen & Wills (2019), there has not been one nursing philosophy that has been able to encompass what nursing is and that everyone agrees on collectively. This can be due to the fact that individuals have different values, ethics, beliefs, and experiences that have shaped their careers and made them into the nurses they are today (University of St. Augustine, 2021). My nursing philosophy includes striving to the best advocate for my patients to promote a healthy lifestyle and prevent further illness and hospitalizations. Nursing is not just about treating a disease or diagnosis but addressing all aspects of a patient’s needs. I am passionate about helping others, providing education, and promoting healthy living. My goal is to work in pediatric primary care and through continued learning, I hope to make a difference in my community. I look forward to treating patients across their lifespan and building relationships through continuity of care.Three concepts that are essential in my practice of nursing are empathy, ethics, and accountability. Empathy entails the ability of the nurse to relate to what the patient or family may be going through. This is essential to truly understanding how the patient is feeling and helps to build a trusting relationship. Moudastsou et al. (2020) state that It has been proven that health professionals with high levels of empathy operate more efficiently as to the fulfillment of their role in eliciting therapeutic change. Next, ethics is extremely important when providing care. Nurses need to use the 7 ethical principles to provide the highest quality and safest care. As previously mentioned, nurses are advocates for patients, and ethical principles are used to do what is right. Utilizing and referring back to these principles can help guide care and do what is best for the patient. Lastly, although accountability can be listed as an ethical principle, I think it is a concept that should be highlighted. Nurses must take accountability for their work and actions. By doing this they can improve the quality of care. Nurses have a duty and obligation to provide care. Accountability means committing to perform to the best of your abilities, understanding the best practices and advocating for patients, taking responsibility for actions and errors and learning from ones mistakes or constructive criticism, working as a team member and upholding responsibilities, and working as a role model (Arkansas State University, 2016). I believe my philosophy portrays nursing as both a science and an art. Scientific research provides the basis and foundation for nursing care. The goal of science is to explain, predict, and control (McEwen & Wills, 2019). Nurses use scientific evidence to explain a patients illness and disease, come up with a diagnosis, and regulate treatment. Yet, a nurse may be educated on theory and knowledge of science and nursing practice but may still lack the art of caring. The art of nursing is related to caring for patients. It involves displaying qualities of care, consideration, compassion, and communication (Vega & Hayes, 2019).
3References:Arkansas State University. (2016, October 12). Accountability in Nursing: A-State Online. Arkansas State University Online. https://degree.astate.edu/articles/nursing/accountability-in-nursing.aspx#:~:text=%20Although%20definitions%20of%20accountability%20vary%2C%20Marcia%20M.,having%20power%20or%20control%20over%20something.%20More%20. Moudatsou, M., Stavropoulou, A., Philalithis, A., & Koukouli, S. (2020, January 30). The Role of Empathy in Health and Social Care Professionals. Healthcare (Basel, Switzerland). https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7151200/. University of St. Augustine. (2020, June 8). What Is a Philosophy of Nursing? University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences. https://www.usa.edu/blog/philosophy-of-nursing/. Vega, H., & Hayes, K. (2019). Blending the art and science of nursing : Nursing2021. LWW. https://journals.lww.com/nursing/FullText/2019/09000/Blending_the_art_and_science_of_nursing.17.aspx

this was her grade she lost alot of points ust for the format i believe

Philosophy of Nursing – Part 1 Rubric
Philosophy of Nursing – Part 1 Rubric
Criteria Ratings Points
Content (15 points)
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15 to >14 pts
Fully Meets Expectations

Personal nursing philosophy and 3 concepts comprehensively described

14 to >10 pts
Nearly Meets Expectations

Personal nursing philosophy minimally described and/or 1- 2 concepts described

10 to >0 pts
Does Not Meet Expectations

Personal nursing philosophy poorly described and/or concepts not described.

15 / 15 pts
APA Formatting and Professionalism (5 points)
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5 to >4 pts
Fully Meets Expectations

Proper APA formatting and professional elements are present throughout paper

4 to >2 pts
Nearly Meets Expectations

APA formatting and/or unprofessional elements are present.

2 to >0 pts
Does Not Meet Expectations

Egregious and/or excessive APA formatting and/or unprofessional elements are present.

1 / 5 pts
Total points: 16

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