Instructions: Replies to classmates must be substantive, at least 150 words and incorporate concepts and materials that you have learned this week. All sources used must be cited. REPLIES ARE DIRECTLY TO THE INDIVIDUAL STUDENT
STUDENT 1: Elizabeth
Hello Everyone,
My name is Liz, and I am working towards my Bachelors in IT- Programming. I am currently in the US Navy, and have been for almost 9 years. I am an IT in the Navy as well, but more with RF communications, not computers. This degree will help me with advancement (I hope), but my main goal is to finish my Bachelor’s and Master’s before I get out of the military. I chose Programming because 1) I like coding (so far) and 2) I really, really want to work from home and IT is a decent route for that. As for home life, I have a husband and 2 doggo’s- Clutch (pictured) and Cabal. I spend a lot of time playing video games and watching Netflix, but I also love the outdoors.
As for SweetTooth! I would take a lot of time viewing the data from my webmaster. If the same few people were requesting for online sales, I might be less inclined to sell online. However, if I had a good amount of “unique visitors” and they were the ones requesting I start selling, I would further research the routes to go to start selling. As a company with an established brick and mortar store, this could be a way for my current patrons to tell their friends who do not live in the area. I would also want to take into account the pages these unique visitors were visiting. If they only viewed the location and hours of operation, they may just be trying to come to my actual store, but if more of them spent a lot of time browsing my products, that would incline me to sell online. STUDENT 2: Michael
Hello Class,
Part 1
My name is Mike; I currently live in Key West, FL with my wife and three kids. I am a government contractor at the Joint Interagency Task Force South (JIATFS) here in Key West. At JIATFS, I work as an IT specialist managing servers, workstations and patching vulnerabilities on the network. I have been here since mid-2015 and first got here as an active duty Air Force member. I recently separated the Air Force and took a contract job here working in the same area.
I’ve been in IT for over 12 years now and I plan to stay in the same field for the rest of my working life. I’ve always enjoyed working on electronics and computers. I’m currently pursuing a degree in IT to help further my career as I progress in the civilian workforce.
I don’t have many hobbies outside of work because family and school keep me pretty busy! However, I do like to do mine own maintenance and modifications on my car in the free time I do have when I can.
Part 2

What information would you look for in the Web Stats to help you make a decision to go forward with the request to offer sales through your website?

I would look for the amount of visits my website had and determine if it would be a lucrative decision to add the capability to purchase my goods on the site.

Would you disregard the emails customer requests to sell your candy through your website? How would the web stats play a role? (if many visitors, if few visitors)

I would not disregard customers email requests, however I would use web stats to determine if it is worth the time, money and effort to expand sells to my website. If enough people visit the site and demand an online option for purchasing, then I would be all for selling goods online.
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