Targeting, acquiring, and retaining the “right” customers is at the core of many successful service firms. It is important that firms carefully choose desirable, loyal customers within the chosen segments and then take pains to build and maintain their loyalty through well-conceived relationship marketing strategies. The objective is to build relationships and to develop loyal customers (whether B2B or B2C) who continue to do a growing volume of business with the firm in the future. You are to read the attached case study- CRM at C. Fun Parks and produce a well-researched report supported by the relevant academic literature, models/frameworks. You are the CRM consultant, address the following: 1. Critically examine the existing literature on franchisor-franchisee relationships, its merits and demerits for each party to the relationship with application to the case and discuss ways in which franchisee satisfaction and loyalty can be improved. 50 marks. 2. Ultimately, the objective of the franchise is to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty of the final consumer. Taking into consideration the issues presented in the case discuss and make recommendations regarding key strategies the franchise can employ to build long term relationships and improve customer bonds with the organization. 50 marks.You are required to produce a formal word-processed report. The report should include the following: Arial 12 font size, front sheet, executive summary/abstract, contents page, introduction, main findings, recommendations and conclusion, and bibliography (Harvard format in line with School policy). You may include an appendix section if required. Please print your word count at the end of your report. Please use following material sources also plus others, but those are the core books and journals: – Principles of services marketing: Adrian Palmer 2014 – Services Marketing Integrating Customer Focus Across the Firm: Valarie A. Zeithaml 2017 – Service management and marketing: managing the service profit logic: Christian Grönroos 2015 – Services marketing: people, technology, strategy: Christopher H. Lovelock, Jochen Wirtz c2011 – Customer relationship management: a databased approach: V. Kumar, Werner J. Reinartz 2006 – Service management and marketing: a customer relationship management approach: Christian Gro?nroos 2000 – Relationship marketing: a consumer experience approach: Steve Baron, Tony Conway, Gary Warnaby 2010 (Consumer dimension, adds to present discussion) – Service industries journal – International journal of service industry management c1990 – Journal of services marketing (electronic resource) – European journal of marketing 1971- (electronic resource) – Journal of retailing and consumer services (electronic resource)
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