Our work this weeklikely will raise a number of ethical concerns for us regarding the ways inwhich the experiences of health and health care differ systematically acrossgroups. To help us think critically about these issues, please watch thefollowing short video about the guiding principles of bioethics:  ( https://youtu.be/vaejO-0gl-c)

Inthe United States, generally guide the decisions of bioethics:

Respect for autonomy, the right of patients to make their own decisionsand determine the health care they wish to receive without coercion

Nonmaleficence, the rule that physicians should do no harm

Beneficence, the obligation of health care providers to affirmatively helppatients

 1. According to the text ( Chapter 15 & 17 – Macionis,John J.,2019  Society: The Basics,15th ed., NJ: Prentice Hall.,) what are some findings about the relationship betweensocial class and health and longevity?

2.Access and read the attached. Compare and contrast how the followingaffected the health choices and outcomes of each of these three patients:





 3. Discuss the ethical concerns raised by the contrasting experiences of thesethree patiens with respect to each of the four bioethical principles discussed.

4. What does it mean to transform health into a commodity?

5.(a)Define social change and describe characteristics of the process of socialchange.

(b)Whatdo you see as the most positive social change in your lifetime? The mostnegative? 

(c)Doyou agree with the notion that postmodernity is a postmaterialist era, in whichissues like social justice, environment, and animal rights command more and morepublic attention? Provide specific examples to support your position.

6.  (a)Which two theories do you think best explain socialmovements? Why?

(b)Identify and describe four types of social movements.

(c)Choose two social movements, such as #MeToo or#Blacklivesmatter, and explain their origin using a sociological theory ofsocial change (e.g. mass-society theory, resource-mobilization theory,etc.).  

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